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There were small children around, some of whom Hannibal was fairly invested in, and so there was a large breakfast being made.

And the windows and back door were open despite the chill, the smell of bacon and crepes and waffles calculated to attract any stragglers who might need it. Adults or children, either - there were mimosas and coffee available, too.

Hannibal had a bit of light Classical music playing, and was humming as he worked.

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After yesterday's target practice, Hannibal had been left with a bloody lawn and a lot of eel meat.

So, after hosing off the lawn (and putting out shrimp for the flamingos, shut up), he started cooking.

He started with bouillabaisse, added smoked eel with new potatoes, leeks, and clam beurre blanc and smoked eel and crisp pork belly confit with baby beetroot and horseradish cream for Jono, since he'd been instrumental in getting the eels (and smoking a few unintentionally), continued with dashi-simmered eel because he couldn't leave out Japanese recipes, and finished with a simply cooked and artistically presented whole roasted eel.

Accompanying them were elegantly plated portions of sautéed spinach with apples and walnuts, a beautiful presentation of roquefort dip with apple, endive, and celery Hearts, homemade bread made into crostini with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and apple chutney, elegantly displayed parsnip bacon, and taiyaki which Hannibal had taken the liberty of shaping like eel rather than the traditional fish and filled with red bean paste.

There were also a very good Riesling and a Malbec, 18-year Laphroaig, sparkling water, and plenty of excellent coffee.

The lawn was clean, the only eel around was edible, and Hannibal's door was open! (Metaphorically; it was still a bit chilly, after all.)

Everyone welcome - come and eat the things that tried to eat you!

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Well, radio this morning had certainly been...interesting. Hannibal was torn between going to a deserted beach somewhere warm until this was over, and talking to as many people as possible. Maybe even Anakin.

He decided to start with breakfast, though. With actual pork sausage, just in case.

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Hannibal wasn't helping with the spell; he was certain there were enough others to handle that. He was taking advantage of Bob while he had him.

Yesterday and today, their free time had been evenly spent between food and music and experiences and placing the most powerful wards possible throughout Hannibal's house. Not to mention one or two on him, and that amulet for Jono.

Bob, to his credit, kept going even when he could feel the extra strength he'd been given start to fade away and the pull back to his skull begin. He sighed and set the last rune, pushing to complete it, then all but stumbled out of Hannibal's body.

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With as much prep done as possible the day before, Hannibal...was still up plenty early, due to both inclination and all the food still left to cook. He believed in doing everything right, and he also believed that the host should not spend their entire party in the kitchen.

So, with Sparkle's help, by early afternoon everything was done and being kept warm or cold, only the final just-before-plating flourishes left, and he was relaxing with a nice glass of mulled wine, ready for the guests.

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Now that Jono was properly tailored, clothed, (hair)cut, manicured, trolled, and had an inkling that this might not, in fact, be torture, the intervention posse was set to see him actually relaxing a bit more.

Whether he liked it or not.

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After breaking the news to Jono, the first stop Hannibal had planned for them was the tailor. Good lord, Jono; even casual clothes felt better when they fit!

If it were up to him, you would be much happier by the end of the weekend. But probably not just yet.

There were a lot of plans.

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Yes, there was a brunch going on. However, Hannibal wasn't an alumnus, and those he knew were mostly staying with him. And while he appreciated the school's effort, he'd prefer to eat his own food, thank you.

So, he was up and cooking breakfast. The windows throughout the first floor were open to let in the breeze, and he had Rigoletto playing in the background as he worked. The rosemary grapefruit was nearly done, the crepes were keeping warm, the omelette was baking, and the bacon was sizzling in the pan.

It really was a lovely morning.

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Hannibal had spent the night on the island to take care of a few things. He woke up, listened to the daily radio as he dressed, then headed downstairs for a bit of breakfast and drawing up invitations for the housewarming party he was planning.

Those damn flamingos were still on his lawn, and he glowered at them. And tossed some shrimp out the door when nobody was looking. What? They were annoying, but he wasn't about to let them starve because they were too stupid to go back to the beach. "I have some very good recipes for flamingo, you know," he told them.

The flamingos were unimpressed.

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Hannibal woke up, stretched, and sighed. It had been another one of those weekends, hadn't it.

He got up and got dressed, then fired off a quick series of e-mail and text messages before making breakfast. They all said pretty much the same thing:

I trust you're doing well after this weekend. I have a well-stocked wine cellar and liquor cabinet to go with dinner tonight, if you're interested.

[OOC: If you think you got one, you got one! Any friends, colleagues, and friends-of are welcome to RSVP or just show up; I'll put a dinner post up later today. This post open for anyone dropping by in the morning.]

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Hannibal had decided to forego the dinner tonight; after returning from the zombie play on the island, there wasn't time for anything elaborate, and he had a feeling Raven might not want much anyway.

So instead, there was a bit of wine and some very good cheese in the study, and he sat waiting in a very comfortable chair.

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Will's trial date was getting closer, and Hannibal had a lot on his mind. But never let it be said he didn't have time to cook for a troubled friend. And if Raven were going to keep her promise and speak to him about the things that were bothering her, the least he could do was ensure it began over a decent meal.

So, dinner was finishing up, and now he was only waiting for the guest of honor.

Dinner: )
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Hannibal woke up, stretched, and blinked. Then gave himself a moment to appreciate the lack of any particularly overwhelming emotion this morning.

He looked over at the others in bed with him whoever ended up in the cuddle pile and chuckled. Well, it had been interesting, there was no denying that.

However, he had no intention of spending another day in Jono's clothing or his own pajamas, thank you.

He got up carefully, took a shower and dressed casually but in his own clothes, and headed out to start the coffee.

He had a feeling they might be needing it.
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It was always a bit of a juggling act to both play host and oversee an entire meal, but it was one that Hannibal enjoyed. Even if he had had to adjust the menu to account for vegetarians. He'd been preparing things for days now, and with all but the finishing touches done, he was free to leave the dishes in the care of the sous chef he'd hired for the day.

He inspected the oven one last time, nodded to the woman, and retreated to the living room with hors d'oeuvres and light music, to wait for his guests.

Grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toasts
Ricotta-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
Crostini with sun-dried tomato jam
Mushroom polenta diamonds
Paté with pomegranate gelee
Drinks: Dry sherry, Chenin blanc, home-brewed beer, or tea.

[Open to anyone who decided to come! Dinner will be in comments later; I wanted to get this up for early-time-zone folks.]

[Oh! And NFB unless the squirrels want to show up. They weren't explicitly sent invitations, but...squirrels.]


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