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Hannibal woke, rolled over, and stretched. There was...something odd about the weekend, but if he were going to think about that, he would need coffee.

So he thought about it as he went downstairs, made the coffee, and brought it back up. He stored all the memories he could recall in his memory palace as he worked his way through his cup, sitting on the bed next to Jono.

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Hannibal slept even less than Jono these days, but that didn't stop him from lying in bed and enjoying the closeness and occasionally drifting off. When he woke again and stretched, it was still early; he decided to increase his chances of waking Jono up by wandering down to make coffee.

There were odd differences in the decor of the house that he couldn't quite place - what had Fandom been doing today? But it wasn't enough to bother him until he headed back upstairs with the tray. And stopped short at the top. "Beethoven?" He knelt carefully and held his hand out to the old cat, who sniffed it a little suspiciously before turning around and heading to the bedroom.

By the time Hannibal set the coffee service down on the nightstand, Beethoven was curled at the foot of the bed and Hannibal was running confused possibilities through his head.

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Yesterday had been reasonably quiet at home, but on these weekends, there was no telling how things would end up. So, once again, Hannibal had fixed enough food to almost-prepared for an army and enough coffee for three, and was spending as much quiet time as he could at the harpsichord.

The brass plaque at the gate announcing his office and qualifications was nicely polished, the flamingos scattered on the lawn had been sufficiently fed not to unduly bother any visitors, and everything was hopefully going to stay interesting without being too harrowing.

One could always hope.

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Hannibal had no real plans today; he might work a bit on a translation he was doing, and there was a bit of a harpsichord melody he'd been running through his mind, and given that there might be people coming in for the weekend, he'd been preparing for a nice dinner. But unless somebody spotted the plaque at the property entrance and decided they needed a psychiatrist, he was working at his own pace.

He might have wondered what the chances were of that, but then again - this was Fandom.

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