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Hannibal had a bit of extra work to do for class tomorrow, seeing as his coteacher was apparently stuck in Glacia. And a snake. So he was in his office today, his usual opera not playing, as he did his best to find modern rock music for the theme. He was mostly going by groups he remembered Jono mentioning, and so far wasn't having much luck.

Or at least, wasn't having much luck finding anything that didn't give him a headache.

He rather hoped a student would interrupt him.

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After returning home and unpacking, then having a lovely dinner, a good night's sleep, and an equally good breakfast, Hanna was ready to get back to normal (for her) life. Which started with her Sunday patient.

She opened the office, set out water for Mr. Hale, and sat down to do some paperwork until he arrived.

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Hannibal led Zhari up to his office and waved her to a seat, then set his things down and started the small kettle he kept for tea. "Do you take sugar or milk?"

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At least staying at the hotel and meeting in his office meant that it was a short (and pleasant, if cold) walk to work, rather than a drive in Baltimore traffic. Which was especially welcome as his morning routine took a little longer as a woman.

Hannibal chased off the squirrels with a rum bribe and a forbidding look, turned the heat up to a comfortable range, and set out water, then sat at his desk to read a bit while he waited for Derek.

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Although there weren't classes this week, Hannibal enjoyed keeping to a schedule, and there was always some manner of work to be done, so he had headed into his office today to work on next semester's classes.

He shook his head at the reindeer sleds as he passed through the town. At this point, it was one of the least strange things he'd seen. And at least it was festive.

He cracked the windows open and left the drapes closed; it kept the office warm enough, but let in a hint of chill and the smell of winter. In the corner, he left a bit of mulled wine heating and spreading its scent through the room, too. He had a glass of it to hand as he sat as his computer working on classes.

And if his Christmas music was all in languages other than English and written several centuries ago, everybody had their quirks.

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Nov. 1st, 2013 03:08 pm
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After his various patients and other things, Hannibal sat down in his office in Baltimore and wrote out invitations. He'd be having them professionally printed, of course, but he needed to get the layout and wording correct and make a list of people to send them to.

When he was satisfied, he gathered it up and headed to the printer.

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitation )

[OOC: If you think you got one, you got one! If you think you might have gotten one, you got one! If you think you didn't get one, but he might have some way of knowing through the grapevine (or school records) that you don't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving, you got one, too! If you didn't get one but want one, feel free to drop by office hours or happen upon him at school and mention you're at loose ends, and you will get one!]
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Hannibal had really just intended a quick stop by the office to check on his herbs, and maybe seeing if the hotel owner were in to discuss renting the party room.

The first flash of something outside the window had him turning to it, confused and interested. Was there something odd going on here, again? And would anybody know what it was this time?

The second shark that flew by...

He eyed his umbrella and wondered if it had ever been assessed as to weight limit.

[Open if anyone wants to drop by, but he'll probably be heading outside shortly.]


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