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Hannibal wasn't helping with the spell; he was certain there were enough others to handle that. He was taking advantage of Bob while he had him.

Yesterday and today, their free time had been evenly spent between food and music and experiences and placing the most powerful wards possible throughout Hannibal's house. Not to mention one or two on him, and that amulet for Jono.

Bob, to his credit, kept going even when he could feel the extra strength he'd been given start to fade away and the pull back to his skull begin. He sighed and set the last rune, pushing to complete it, then all but stumbled out of Hannibal's body.

[OOC: Bob's goodbye here, since it got a bit long, but open post is open!]
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Hannibal really was going to have to hang out a metaphorical shingle some time soon. The school and his activities in Glacia simply didn't occupy him enough to stave off boredom entirely. But until then, he would spend time here in some of his other favorite pastimes - reading, composing, and cooking.

Maybe something in parchment, today. He did have a bit of liver left over...

[OOC: open if you like, but Bob's bit comes first!]


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