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Hannibal was set up once again in his office, with good-quality coffee and tea set out and, as a change, some of the quieter selections of Jethro Tull playing in the background.

He had a list of places for future classes in one window, and a menu planner open in the other, and was multitasking as he waited to see if anybody would drop by.

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Well, one of the teachers for their class ought to be in an office today, and since Hannibal didn't have a business to run (and didn't mind sitting at a desk and googling himself doing paperwork), here he was.

There was light Classical music playing, fragrant tea and coffee staying warm and inviting people with their scent, and an open door to encourage parents to step into the cannibal's den visit the teacher.

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Hannibal was once more behind his desk, classical music playing softly and some very good tea and coffee available to any guests who might drop by. Along with hors d'oeuvres that were both delicious and far fancier than they really needed to be.

The students this year seemed exceptionally nervous, and Hannibal was very good at impressing people when needed. So he was prepared to be a responsible and impressive adult that could reassure anyone who needed it.

Frankly, it amused him.
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Hannibal was here, if any of the parents should want to meet with him. He was going through papers and files from Portalocity, trying to find a decent version of Earth he could bring the students to in the future. Not to mention, there were a few amenities he'd like to have access to without going home.

He was checking everything from the suns' colors to the local customs now, so it was taking a while. He believed in being thorough, but was still rather hoping for an interruption.

If any parents needed to see a properly comported and dignified teacher, now was your chance, students!

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At least one student had requested they speak, and after the past few weeks, Hannibal wondered if there might be more as well.

So, he was in his office, soothing classical music playing and spiced tea brewing, reading his tablet and waiting.

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When Hannibal parked at the causeway and looked to the island, he could already see something was odd. It seemed to be hailing there, despite the lack of it on the mainland. He sighed and got his umbrella.

Of course, it turned out it wasn't any colder on the island than in Baltimore, and the hail was...marzipan?

Well, he supposed there were worse things it could be; at least it didn't seem to be trying to kill him.

He wasn't going to eat it, just in case.

So now he was in his office, working on plans for lessons and exams, with the door open on the hallway and the windows open on a view of marzipan hail.

This place.

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Hannibal was rather looking forward to meeting any parents or other folks who might come to visit. He'd set out a number of gourmet appetizers, had the drapes pulled back to let in the light (he didn't think he had any vampires coming today), and had a bit of light classical music playing as he sat and read.

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Hannibal hadn't been planning on coming in to his office on the island until the afternoon.

Just until he woke up to a hat and eyepatch that wouldn't go away, and cursed a lot more like a sailor than usual.

So now he was in his office, working on classes and listening to the only opera his stereo would play today.

At least his getup matched his mood.

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Hannibal didn't much expect his students to need him yet, unless Anna wanted to start learning to use video or Isabelle decided to drop the class, but he believed in keeping good habits. So he was in his office, working on future lesson plans, pruning his herbs, and listening to opera.

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Hannibal had work to do this evening, to get started on his class for Fall, which he had some ideas for. He was also hoping that some of the students at least would stop by to schedule times for their final projects; he dearly hoped they weren't all writing papers. Surely cooking was a lot more fun?

So after staying a while after class with the folks at Gather Baltimore, he headed back to his office, looked after his herbs (the place was really smelling lovely now), turned on a bit of quiet music, and sat down to work.

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After the weekend's shenanigans, Hannibal was determined to get back to normal. After leaving a particularly spectacular present for Jack back in Baltimore, he set to preparing his next lesson for his students.

And made very certain to be as boring as possible in the process. Just in case.

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Hannibal's official office hours were later in the evening, but he showed up a bit early so he could hopefully get information on places in the city to hold the end-of-class dinner party. And he might as well do it from his office, in case any students needed him.

There were an assortment of herbs in tasteful window boxes added to the decor now; he wanted to see how they'd do in this environment. Hopefully they would wouldn't become too odd.

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Hannibal ate his own food after class, and pondered whether he should include the terrine with lamb's brains in the after-semester party, and whether he should see if the school had a suitable setup or if he should enquire at one of the local hotels.

Meanwhile, he had next week's lesson to plan, and he was determined to find a recipe for chocolate involving insects that Rilla would enjoy.

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Hannibal had been wary about coming back here after all the singing on Friday, but things today seemed fairly sane. Or at least largely within the bounds of science and psychology that he could extrapolate to. Which was good, because he had finishing touches to put on tomorrow's lesson, now he'd been assured the proper ingredients.

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Hannibal sat and scowled at the lovely and macabre artwork on his walls. He had half a mind to leave, but he had posted his hours, and no...whatever the hell this was...was going to stop him.

Odd was one thing. Students that seemed to actually not be human was something he could accept; he liked to think he had a very open mind. But if there was one thing he prided himself on (well, there were a number of them, but still), it was having control of himself. The fact he seemed unable to keep from singing his thanks to the shuttle driver was unacceptable!

So far, he'd managed to avoid any further embarrassment by copious amounts of coffee and judicious application of the arias from Bach's Coffee Cantata. Unfortunately, he was not a soprano; he wasn't even a tenor! And the necessary key change was doing the song no favors, damn it.

Any students with questions or professors with greetings had better hope they weren't too annoying; Hannibal was not in a good mood.

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Hannibal had found over the years that it generally paid to have office hours soon after class. Well, paid in that students occasionally actually remembered the questions they meant to ask, instead of hanging about and hemming and hawing.

He took the time for a leisurely lunch of the foods he wasn't feeding the students, then opened the door as he settled in, getting everything set up to his liking.

He was hopeful someone would come by; he knew the general propensity for leaving projects till the last minute, but there was always a chance one of the students would prove industrious. Plus, he had put out word that he would be interested in an assistant; with luck, there might be someone unobjectionable.

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