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Hannibal cleaned up after his dinner and went back up to the sauna, shooing the cats away. Again.

He leaned against the wall inside and gave the tiny bright snake a look. He was stretched out and looked indecently happy. He was also still a snake. "I don't suppose you're planning on turning back in time to wear a ring, are you?"
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It was difficult to miss the large thing hanging over the island. Well, at least Hannibal hadn't been kidnapped by this one. Nor had Jono; he was still lounging in the sauna after a meal of very expensive raw pork, looking as smug as it was possible for a snake to.

Hannibal considered briefly that it might be interesting to investigate what was going on. But really, he wasn't in the mood for it.

Instead, he made tea on the off-chance that Lucille still showed for her lesson, and sat sipping his own cup and catching up on the medical advancements from a number of interesting worlds on his tablet.

[OOC: Open post! No Brood will be getting into the house, if anybody wants to lie low.]
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His normal heat source had gone outside somewhere; Hannibal was mildly curious, but as cold as it was, he was happy to stay in. He had set up a nice, warm heat lamp before he left; it wasn't that big (having been bought, after all, for a much smaller Jono-snake, not that Hannibal remembered that at the moment), but if he curled himself up into a big pile, he could fit himself under it.

He'd been there for a while when something approached, and he picked up his head to look at it. The old, grey cat eyed him warily, and he returned the look. It stalked over to sniff him, and he flicked his tongue out to do the same. Eh, whatever. As long as it wasn't going to attack...?

It stepped on his coils.

[OOC: For the heat source mentioned! The cats are fine, but an NPC critter does get eaten.]
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It had taken entirely too long for Hannibal to do what he needed in Sidra, but he was back finally. He texted Jono from the Portalocity offices before he headed out. For once Fandom was the warmer place. Not warm, though, so he was very glad to get home and warm up.

[OOC: For the one mentioned!]


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