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So, because Hannibal loved being nosy people-watching like a train wreck helping people through their traumas (and a good excuse to cook), he'd decided on a dinner party for tonight. He'd even put up signs.

And then he'd cooked. A lot.

There were crudites, assorted styles of bruschetta, several different meats (all of them non-sentient), a number of desserts, and numerous bottles of wine, beer, and liquor.

And if fewer people showed up than he hoped, it just meant some homeless shelter would eat very well.

There were also darts, billiards, and a card table downstairs, and if people wanted to start their own games, well..."Never had I Ever" would probably get Hannibal very drunk, but that was neither here nor there.

[Open post! Come and party your dead-people's trauma away!]
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Anyone who thought Hannibal wasn't going to celebrate things being back to normal by bathing, getting a manicure, dressing his best, playing the harpsichord, and then cooking just about everything in the pantry really didn't know him.

Of course, all that food needed an audience, didn't it?

So, flyers were going up all day long (courtesy of NPCs other people):

Come eat, drink, and relax while the world's not ending!
22 Phoenix Place, tonight

Because some others might want to talk or just be together and reassure themselves things were better.

And some people coped by cooking.

[Open post! No OCD. Moddable food, but tons of it, along with plenty to drink for those that need it after last week.]
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There were small children around, some of whom Hannibal was fairly invested in, and so there was a large breakfast being made.

And the windows and back door were open despite the chill, the smell of bacon and crepes and waffles calculated to attract any stragglers who might need it. Adults or children, either - there were mimosas and coffee available, too.

Hannibal had a bit of light Classical music playing, and was humming as he worked.

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Hannibal was still healing, and still apparently "grounded", which amused him more than anything. Even the annoyance of not being allowed in his own kitchen didn't entirely stop the amusement, although he was making every effort to heal more quickly because of it.

He could really only eat so many leftovers.

Today, he was intermittently reading and walking about the house, doing light stretches to avoid stiffening up.

And trying to figure out how he was supposed to teach a cooking class without going into the kitchen.

[OOC: Open post! Discussion of Hannibal's past NFB!]
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Despite the last-minute change of venue - when they'd finally found a date that worked, the contractors had run into snags at the Boards, and they'd ended up in Jono's world, at a banquet hall in Westchester that it had taken all of Hannibal's persuasion and Jono's reputation to get them - they were set up beautifully. The place was wood-panelled, and decorated in rich fabrics of black and light grey offset by twists of saffron and dark yellow roses. Candles (electronic ones) flickered at the ends of each row of seats that had been set up.

The dining room had been set up in the same colors as the main hall... )

[OOC: It's their wedding day! Free to attend for anybody who thinks they might have gotten an invitation, or even those who might not have.The more, the merrier! Portalocity will make it easy for you, since they're hell-bent on making Hannibal happy. There will be hijinks within, naturally. We couldn't resist. Preplayed with the lovely and wonderful [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] atreideslioness, and [ profile] that_oldsaying!]

Arrivals | Hannibal's dressing room | Jono's dressing room | The ceremony | BUT THEN! | Aftermath | OOC
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Hannibal had seen Lucille this weekend, but neither of them had remembered their usual Saturday lessons. And this weekend was likely to be too busy with wedding preparations. So Hannibal had written Lucille and asked if she would prefer to make up the week's lesson today.

Which meant that he was readying tea, scones, and the harpsichord for his student. And playing a bit himself before she got there, just to get back in practice.

[OOC: Expecting one, but open post outside of the lesson!]


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