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They weren't expecting any visitors today, and the invitations and prep work for the wedding were done (again). So, after Jono got home from the music shop, they met in what was now the gym, though the lights had been turned down and a comfortable sort of nest set up in the middle.

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Hannibal didn't actually expect people to show up today. Honestly, if it weren't in his home, he probably wouldn't have braved the maple syrup (honestly?) to go to group therapy himself.

But, in case anybody did show, he had both a selection of non-maple snacks, and a stack of towels and a basin of warm water.

And in case they didn't, he had his tablet.

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At this point, Hannibal was wondering, with mixed amusement and exasperation, if everybody on the island thought they were well-adjusted. Still, he had once again arranged everything in the hopes of a group.

When everybody was gathered assuming anyone comes, he started. "Let's begin this week with a question. The island has been relatively quiet lately. Do you look upon that as a refreshing time to relax, or do you find yourself becoming progressively more anxious, wondering what's to come?"

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Hannibal had once again arranged the chairs and sofas in his office into a carefully planned casual grouping and set out coffee, tea, water, and some moddable finger* foods.

When everybody was gathered, he started. "Once again, welcome. Let me remind you of the rules in this room. You must be supportive of each other and not judge, and anything said here is not to be repeated elsewhere unless the person who said it grants you explicit permission. Trust is important. The squirrels have been bribed accordingly." He was going to have to buy more rum soon.

"If you like, we can discuss this past weekend - those of you who experienced it, or those of you who watched friends do so." He quirked a smile at Jono if he's there. "I rather enjoyed it, though I'm also happy to be in my usual body again. We can also continue to discuss things that were mentioned last week, or you may feel free to bring up a new topic. Was this the first odd occurrence for any of you?"

[OOC: Open post! Other than who came and what Hannibal set up the office for, the rest is NFB due to therapy and squirrel bribes.]
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So, the group therapy sessions were to begin today. There hadn't been much terrible island trauma in some time, but there had been the minor ones, and surely some people had issues of their own. Hannibal was curious to see how many would show. The chairs and sofas in his office had been arranged into a loose and seemingly haphazard grouping designed to eliminate pressure from any one position.

After some deliberation, he'd decided that the food shouldn't overpower the discussion, and had gone with an assortment of very good cheeses, a few homemade sausages, fresh-baked bread and crackers, and a few types of jam. Plus, naturally, coffee, tea, and water.

When the time came to start, he nodded at the people there. "Before we begin, I must insist on a few things. First, there is to be no judgement. You may question each other, you may say you would do things differently, but this is to be a supportive environment for all. Also, anything said here remains here. Unless you are explicitly told otherwise, whatever you hear is not to be repeated." He waved toward the rear of the house. "The squirrels are currently working on a ridiculously good bottle of rum. The rest of you will simply have to be trustworthy."

He looked them over. "I thought to begin, we might start with stories. What is something you have had happen to you on the island - good or bad - that you would never have conceived of where you came from? And also, if you will, what is it you hope to get from this group, if anything?"

Hannibal smiled. "I can say from my own perspective that there are many things I never would have conceived of. Meeting aliens, being possessed, being a woman, being a child. It's fascinating, but it was quite an adjustment. And what I'm hoping for is to help people to make that adjustment." He looked expectant and waited for the next person to speak up.

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It was a bit cloudy and humid today, so Hannibal had decided to stay inside for this. And though he himself had no doubts, in deference to Jono's worries, he'd chosen his office as the most expendable open space in the house.

He stretched out a padded blanket on the floor and set a towel and the small bottle of massage oil next to it.

Then, as usual, it was time to round up Jono.

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Jono had been a bit twitchy for several days now; anticipatory and a little on edge. Not enough that Hannibal was concerned, but enough that he noticed. So today he'd set aside a bit of extra time and a large and disposable blanket. The back yard was sheltered by enough trees to give them privacy, and if there should be would be less messy.

Now he just needed to herd Jono out there.
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Hannibal had decided to forego the dinner tonight; after returning from the zombie play on the island, there wasn't time for anything elaborate, and he had a feeling Raven might not want much anyway.

So instead, there was a bit of wine and some very good cheese in the study, and he sat waiting in a very comfortable chair.

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This weekend Hannibal was himself (so far as he was aware), male, and wearing whichever clothes he felt like. He was wondering if he should keep an extra eye out - this could have been any day in Baltimore before he'd gone to teach at Fandom. Unless you counted the fact his patient was a werewolf, but he wasn't ruling that out any other time anymore, either; it seemed safest.

Meanwhile he sat in his office waiting for Derek.

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After returning home and unpacking, then having a lovely dinner, a good night's sleep, and an equally good breakfast, Hanna was ready to get back to normal (for her) life. Which started with her Sunday patient.

She opened the office, set out water for Mr. Hale, and sat down to do some paperwork until he arrived.

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At least staying at the hotel and meeting in his office meant that it was a short (and pleasant, if cold) walk to work, rather than a drive in Baltimore traffic. Which was especially welcome as his morning routine took a little longer as a woman.

Hannibal chased off the squirrels with a rum bribe and a forbidding look, turned the heat up to a comfortable range, and set out water, then sat at his desk to read a bit while he waited for Derek.

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On the drive to his office, some idiot nearly side-swiped Hannibal. He'd swerved to miss them before he even truly noticed them, just an odd feeling as a warning. He was grateful (and had memorized the idiot's plates), but now he was attempting to look up what might cause something like that. And making absolutely no progress, since he had no idea what to call it.

Despite that, and despite the dull taste of his coffee today, he was sitting in his office and waiting for his one patient.

[Expecting one, open to phone calls or texts, NFB because therapy!]


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