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Hannibal had been planning on his own meal, but that had been assuming that Jono would be out of the house.

He frowned slightly and checked the clock. "Weren't you going to open the Boards today?"

[OOC: For the other who lives here, and the particulars of their discussion are SO NFB!]
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Hannibal didn't actually expect people to show up today. Honestly, if it weren't in his home, he probably wouldn't have braved the maple syrup (honestly?) to go to group therapy himself.

But, in case anybody did show, he had both a selection of non-maple snacks, and a stack of towels and a basin of warm water.

And in case they didn't, he had his tablet.

[OOC: Open post, no OCD!]]
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After his trip to see Raven, Hannibal stopped for a while in Sidra; he had some time, after all, given how quickly it moved here as compared to Fandom. He had a lovely chat with Ermengarde and exchanged a few herbs, then packed up what books of Jono's he could find to bring back with him.

Then he changed into local clothing and headed into the city. He had one more appointment )

[OOC: Cut for non-graphic murder and mention of child abuse. Because Hannibal and Kaeleer. NFB, NFI]


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