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Cut for discussion of non-violent canon death and spoilers for Aperitivo )

[OOC: For the one who TOTALLY DOESN'T REALLY LIVE HERE, HONEST. And open to phone calls, texts, etc.]
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Hannibal parked at the causeway and walked to his house. It wasn't raining on the island, but his clothes had been thoroughly soaked, and the trip from his house hadn't let them dry much. His hair hung wetly on his forehead. His nose and the cuts on his face had stopped bleeding, leaving tracks and scabs over his face where they hadn't been washed clean in the rain. Under his jacket, his shirt clung to him with blood as much as water. His ribs ached where he'd hit the floor.

He'd all but forgotten that Jono and Karla would be waiting to taste-test for the party, until he saw the lights on and stopped on the lawn, the ridiculous flamingos sleeping around him.

mentions of Hannibal canon )

[OOC: Preplayed with the lovely [ profile] furnaceface and [ profile] glacial_queen; continued in comments. The fact Jono and Karla were there and Hannibal came back a bit worse for wear is public; anything else is NFB, please!]
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Hannibal was hard-put not to whistle as he went about his usual chores. Hannibal is in a good mood. Because canon. You have been warned. Also, spoilers through S2E9, Shizakana )
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The FBI and the local press were scampering about like ants whose hill had been disturbed. Hannibal supposed one presumed-dead agent returned to life, a convicted murderer gone missing, and a nearly convicted insane man proved innocent would do that.

For the moment, though, he'd taken a break from watching the amusing chaos in order to ready one of his guest rooms, stock his beer, and make a hearty and relatively simple - for him - dinner. He was rather looking forward to hearing what Sparkle had thought of the drama workshops.

[OOC: for one, but open for phone or whatnot; NFB due to distance!]
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Hannibal sat back in his chair, sipping a bit of really delightful old brandy. Cut for canon spoilers, but nothing needing warning for once! )
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Cut for description of medical aftermath of canon trauma )

[OOC: Open post! Calls, texts, and walk-by visitors all welcome! :) Set just after S2E6, "MukĊzuke". Additional info behind cut.]
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The day Hannibal had been anxious enough (thanks to that odd crystal) to plan even further ahead than usual, he had contacted some people about possible residences on the island. This week, he had heard back from them about a place becoming available )

[OOC: Cut for some spoilers through Hannibal S2E2, "Sakizuke". Open for anyone who wants to catch Hannibal evaluating the environs of (the former) DOOMHAUS. Periodic SP until tonight.]


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