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Tristan stirred and his subconscious registered a soft surface under him. He woke, his hand going to his knife, but there didn't seem to be any immediate danger. He was in a very soft...bed?

He frowned. It was warm, and soft, and there was firelight at his back, but where was he?
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Tristan still had no idea where he was, but this place wasn't too bad. He probably wouldn't call it Paradise, so he hoped it wasn't for good, but - not bad.

He pulled aside one of the drapes to look out the glass-paned window. He wasn't much of a singing type, but he found himself doing it anyway. "Sol esse lucet, nubes absunt."

No, not a bad day, he supposed.

[OOC: Yay for Black Sabbath in Latin! :D Open post for anyone who stayed the night or wants to drop by.]
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Tristan...had no idea where he'd woken up. Had they all been killed by the Saxons in their sleep? This didn't look like the afterlife of his people or Arthur's, but it was certainly strange and fine enough.

And very...clean.

He found some fruit in a bowl downstairs that looked like an apple, even if it was an odd colour, and bit into it experimentally. Then munched on it as he looked around. A lot of things he couldn't begin to recognise, but the knives - oh, these were very good! Well balanced. He tucked a few away just in case, and kept looking.

[OOC: Happy AU weekend! Hannibal has woken up as Tristan from King Arthur. Open post if anyone wants to drop by!]


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