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After lunch, Hannibal went to pick up the flowers he'd ordered - some just to brighten the house, which he set out on the tables, and one deep red rose, still with thorns, with which he armed himself as he stood in the foyer.

Are you ready to go? he thought at Jono.

[OOC: Going to be NFB once they leave the island, but okay until then! Hallelujah for one of my characters having an anniversary I can actually remember!]
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One of the best things about having a multiplicity of worlds to choose from was that you could find nearly anything if you were willing to look long enough. In this case, a hang-gliding school that ran through the entire course in one long day.

It had more to do with the fact Hannibal was a fast learner than that he didn't want to wear jeans any more than he had to, honestly.

[For the one mentioned! NFB for distance.]
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"I told them we had an unexpected emergency," Hannibal said as they approached the library. "I thought the details might prove a bit much." It hadn't been until Tuesday that Hannibal had gotten to the point in his list that included 'make excuses to library'. While he'd wanted to assure them that only a very serious problem would have kept them away, 'we were kidnapped by aliens' hadn't seemed a good idea.

[OOC: NFB due to distance, for the partner guy!]
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Last week's abduction had derailed their original plans, but fortunately they'd been easy to reschedule. Hannibal had chosen this particular show with an eye to Alluka's youth, an ulterior motive towards Jono, and a bit of sheer perversity.

He was rather looking forward to it.

[OOC: For the two mentioned! NFB due to distance. WARNINGS: Link has pictures of plasticised bodies, and the comments will likely have descriptions of such. Also, Amsterdam.]
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Hannibal often adored surprises. Especially for other people. All he'd told Jono was to dress in comfortable but presentable clothing, meet him at Portalocity, and be prepared for a day off the island.

And not to bring the banjo. Honestly, Jono.


[OOC: NFB for distance once they leave, but that they went somewhere is fair game. Open for interaction before they go, why not?]
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It was a lovely day out, and the ride to the national mall had been breezy and warm. Now, with their bikes parked nearby, Hannibal stowed his helmet in a locker and spent a few minutes setting his hair to order again. Not everybody preferred to rock the electrical socket look, Jono.

"Where shall we start? Fossils, gemstones, plants?"

[OOC: For the one mentioned! NFB due to distance, but if anyone else is at the museum or wants to call - why not?]


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