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Hannibal was enjoying the weekend so far; Angela was always a treat, and their new child, Samar, was interesting as well. And he always enjoyed meeting other people's potential children as well; Helena was amusing, and he was looking forward to seeing her with Karla and Leto.

For now, he was doing one of the things he did best - cooking for everybody, with Angela as sous chef. He'd sent another text reminding everybody that his kitchen was open, and set about making plenty of food and coffee.

[Open post! Breakfast for everyone!]
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There being a decent chance of extra guests this weekend, Hannibal had been preparing food all week. So, when Jono informed him that yes, there were indeed extra mouths on the island, he had brunch well in hand.

There were crepes, sausage, bacon, blood pudding, waffles, and yes, Jono, pancakes.

Also quite a bit of coffee.

And he'd sent out a text to everybody he knew, letting them know that food and support were available.

[OOC: Open post! Come along and bring the kids! Or try to avoid them; we don't judge!]
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Hannibal had sent out another message to all and sundry: Breakfast for the children; breakfast and drinks for the adults.

Then he'd set about making coffee to get his brain in gear and feeding the cats to get them out of the way, before starting on breakfast )

He'd be finishing everything as soon as possible, to spend time with his own impromptu family while it lasted.

[OOC: Open to all, as usual! Playdate, anyone? No OCD.]
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Hannibal had sent a text message to all the usual suspects - that was, everybody he knew on the island or who might have children there: Dinner tonight for the children and a chance to relax for the adults.

So he was setting about making food. A lot of food.

[OOC: Open to anyone; if you think you got the text, you did. If you think you didn't but you want to show up, feel free to drop by anyway! No OCD today; I'm continuing the trend of lazy.]
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Hannibal sometimes considered that having any addiction, even one to something as innocuous as coffee, was a liability. Then again, it wasn't as if he couldn't function without it.

He just preferred not to.

So, while Jono was still curled up in bed (not necessarily sleeping, just being Jono), he was downstairs in robe and pajamas, setting water to boil. Once there was coffee, he might consider breakfast.

[OOC: Expecting the guy mentioneed and a small one, but open for anyone that wants breakfast!]
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So, Hannibal had half as many children himself this weekend as he had last time, but that hadn't made it any less hectic or full of cooking. And he wouldn't even pretend that he minded. At least this time he had his own kitchen.

So, he was up early again today, getting started on breakfast for the crowd. He was one carafe of coffee and a set of recipe cards into it when Angela stumbled down, yawning, and grinned at him. "I thought I could sous-chef again, if you like." She kissed his cheek.

Hannibal smiled back. "That would be lovely; thank you. What do you think?" He fanned the recipe cards out for her to see.

"I like it," she decided. "I'll start cutting."

Breakfast is open for anyone who stayed the night, wants to come back, or happens to stumble by and smell it! )
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Hannibal was up fairly early, but he wasn't cooking just yet - instead, he'd been indulging in a bit of uploading and photo-quality printing. He might not have a frame for it yet, but he could repurpose an existing one for the moment.

When Jono woke up and made it downstairs, he'd find a picture of them in their outfits from last night prominently displayed in the foyer. Surprise!

[OOC: Open for anyone who spent the night, tripped through a portal, or wants to drop by!]
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This was the most crowded Hannibal could recall being in quite some time. There were several children in the master bedroom, one of whom was apparently his, her other father in another bed in his room (yes, thank you, Angela, but they were not a couple here, and you could stop looking at them like that), and Jono's friends on the pull-out couch in the living room.

On the bright side, it was a built-in audience for breakfast. So Hannibal was brewing some excellent coffee while he worked as quietly as possible at cinnamon polenta pancakes, sweet potato & pork belly hash, rosemary grapefruit, thick-cut bacon, and toast from some very good, dense bread he had.

And mimosas for the adults. He had a feeling they still might need a drink.

[OOC: open to those who stayed the night and anyone with a need to drop by!]


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