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Anyone who thought Hannibal wasn't going to celebrate things being back to normal by bathing, getting a manicure, dressing his best, playing the harpsichord, and then cooking just about everything in the pantry really didn't know him.

Of course, all that food needed an audience, didn't it?

So, flyers were going up all day long (courtesy of NPCs other people):

Come eat, drink, and relax while the world's not ending!
22 Phoenix Place, tonight

Because some others might want to talk or just be together and reassure themselves things were better.

And some people coped by cooking.

[Open post! No OCD. Moddable food, but tons of it, along with plenty to drink for those that need it after last week.]
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Hannibal and Jono had both sent out e-mail to everyone they knew on the island, as well as posted in the school's boards, and everybody was invited. After this weekend, some of them seemed like they would need it.

Hannibal had a very well-stocked bar and wine cellar, there were darts and billiards and a card table downstairs as well as a media room, a music room and library on the first floor, outside decks on both if you didn't mind the flamingos, and of course, food.

Pork tenderloin crostini with cranberry pepper jelly
Pumpkin carrot soup shooters with coconut cream
Prosciutto, mango, and parmesan salad
Sweet potato ravioli with lemon sage brown butter
Mini beef wellingtons
Beef tenderloin with garlic and merlot jam
Chocolate and peanut ganache tartelettes
Chocolate orange mousse, spiced fruit brioche and yoghurt sorbet
Raspberry sorbet

[Open post! Everybody invited.]
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At this point, Hannibal was wondering, with mixed amusement and exasperation, if everybody on the island thought they were well-adjusted. Still, he had once again arranged everything in the hopes of a group.

When everybody was gathered assuming anyone comes, he started. "Let's begin this week with a question. The island has been relatively quiet lately. Do you look upon that as a refreshing time to relax, or do you find yourself becoming progressively more anxious, wondering what's to come?"

[OOC: Open post, no OCD today! Other than who came and what Hannibal set up the office for, the rest is NFB due to therapy and squirrel bribes.]
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With as much prep done as possible the day before, Hannibal...was still up plenty early, due to both inclination and all the food still left to cook. He believed in doing everything right, and he also believed that the host should not spend their entire party in the kitchen.

So, with Sparkle's help, by early afternoon everything was done and being kept warm or cold, only the final just-before-plating flourishes left, and he was relaxing with a nice glass of mulled wine, ready for the guests.

[OOC: Open post! OCD up! Have at! If your character would be here but you'll be afk, feel free to just ping in an intro! SP is love!]
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Hannibal was once more behind his desk, classical music playing softly and some very good tea and coffee available to any guests who might drop by. Along with hors d'oeuvres that were both delicious and far fancier than they really needed to be.

The students this year seemed exceptionally nervous, and Hannibal was very good at impressing people when needed. So he was prepared to be a responsible and impressive adult that could reassure anyone who needed it.

Frankly, it amused him.


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