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Anyone who thought Hannibal wasn't going to celebrate things being back to normal by bathing, getting a manicure, dressing his best, playing the harpsichord, and then cooking just about everything in the pantry really didn't know him.

Of course, all that food needed an audience, didn't it?

So, flyers were going up all day long (courtesy of NPCs other people):

Come eat, drink, and relax while the world's not ending!
22 Phoenix Place, tonight

Because some others might want to talk or just be together and reassure themselves things were better.

And some people coped by cooking.

[Open post! No OCD. Moddable food, but tons of it, along with plenty to drink for those that need it after last week.]
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Despite the last-minute change of venue - when they'd finally found a date that worked, the contractors had run into snags at the Boards, and they'd ended up in Jono's world, at a banquet hall in Westchester that it had taken all of Hannibal's persuasion and Jono's reputation to get them - they were set up beautifully. The place was wood-panelled, and decorated in rich fabrics of black and light grey offset by twists of saffron and dark yellow roses. Candles (electronic ones) flickered at the ends of each row of seats that had been set up.

The dining room had been set up in the same colors as the main hall... )

[OOC: It's their wedding day! Free to attend for anybody who thinks they might have gotten an invitation, or even those who might not have.The more, the merrier! Portalocity will make it easy for you, since they're hell-bent on making Hannibal happy. There will be hijinks within, naturally. We couldn't resist. Preplayed with the lovely and wonderful [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] atreideslioness, and [ profile] that_oldsaying!]

Arrivals | Hannibal's dressing room | Jono's dressing room | The ceremony | BUT THEN! | Aftermath | OOC
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Jono was out ferrying announcements around, and Hannibal was posting the information to their friends who used social media. Somehow it seemed that in the time since last night, Jono had miraculously once more forgotten how to use the internet.

So, Hannibal posted things - which took all of half an hour - and then set about having a quiet day indoors.

For values of "quiet" that included Beethoven growling at Joni every time she wanted to play with his tail.

[OOC: Open post!]
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//You know,// Jono said, thoughtfully looking over the food Hannibal had prepared (and still was preparing) for the party they were throwing today, //I think it's possible that there's something here for everyone on the island?//

Literally. Jono suspected that everybody on the island could show up, each make off with the entirety of one of the dishes, and there would still be leftovers after the party.

"I should hope so." Hannibal put the finishing touches on the last few plates he'd have to bring out to the grill. "I don't want anybody saying they left hungry from a party of mine." Or theirs. Whichever. "How is the music coming along?"

//There is definitely music,// Jono reported. //It's… leaning heavily into swing territory. First thing that came to mind when trying to come up with something that everybody could enjoy.//

"Not a bad thing," Hannibal said, smiling. "Although we might have to indulge in a bit of dancing later."

//Heaven forbid,// Jono teased, winking as he thumbed through his playlist one more time. //We'll see if we can get you away from that grill long enough to manage it, hm?//

Hannibal gave him a look of fond reproof. "I would never be so long cooking that I didn't enjoy my own party." He nodded at the food. "Once this is done, I'll only be turning things on here and there, and perhaps manning the bar."

//Well, then I suppose I ought to go put the shrimp out to coax the flamingos off the lawn,// Jono decided. //It's almost that time, anyway.//

"If you can keep them to the side," Hannibal suggested, "they'll be out of the way of anyone coming up from the front as well. Hopefully once everybody is back here, they won't be disturbing them."

How well would that work out? Only time would tell.

[OOC: Open post! Come to the party!]
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After yesterday's target practice, Hannibal had been left with a bloody lawn and a lot of eel meat.

So, after hosing off the lawn (and putting out shrimp for the flamingos, shut up), he started cooking.

He started with bouillabaisse, added smoked eel with new potatoes, leeks, and clam beurre blanc and smoked eel and crisp pork belly confit with baby beetroot and horseradish cream for Jono, since he'd been instrumental in getting the eels (and smoking a few unintentionally), continued with dashi-simmered eel because he couldn't leave out Japanese recipes, and finished with a simply cooked and artistically presented whole roasted eel.

Accompanying them were elegantly plated portions of sautéed spinach with apples and walnuts, a beautiful presentation of roquefort dip with apple, endive, and celery Hearts, homemade bread made into crostini with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and apple chutney, elegantly displayed parsnip bacon, and taiyaki which Hannibal had taken the liberty of shaping like eel rather than the traditional fish and filled with red bean paste.

There were also a very good Riesling and a Malbec, 18-year Laphroaig, sparkling water, and plenty of excellent coffee.

The lawn was clean, the only eel around was edible, and Hannibal's door was open! (Metaphorically; it was still a bit chilly, after all.)

Everyone welcome - come and eat the things that tried to eat you!

[OOC: Open post! No OCD, just show up, mingle, eat, drink, stare at the food dubiously, or whatever! I may be a bit SP, but I couldn't not do it!]
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Well, radio this morning had certainly been...interesting. Hannibal was torn between going to a deserted beach somewhere warm until this was over, and talking to as many people as possible. Maybe even Anakin.

He decided to start with breakfast, though. With actual pork sausage, just in case.

[OOC: Open post! Because I couldn't not give folks the chance. *G*]
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Hannibal wasn't helping with the spell; he was certain there were enough others to handle that. He was taking advantage of Bob while he had him.

Yesterday and today, their free time had been evenly spent between food and music and experiences and placing the most powerful wards possible throughout Hannibal's house. Not to mention one or two on him, and that amulet for Jono.

Bob, to his credit, kept going even when he could feel the extra strength he'd been given start to fade away and the pull back to his skull begin. He sighed and set the last rune, pushing to complete it, then all but stumbled out of Hannibal's body.

[OOC: Bob's goodbye here, since it got a bit long, but open post is open!]
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Cut for description of medical aftermath of canon trauma )

[OOC: Open post! Calls, texts, and walk-by visitors all welcome! :) Set just after S2E6, "Mukōzuke". Additional info behind cut.]


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