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Hannibal smoothed down his lapels - burgundy with a lighter pinstripe - and tweaked his gold tie and pocket square into position.

"Well?" he asked with a smirk.Read more... )

[Preplayed with the awesome [ profile] furnaceface! NFB once they're in London, due to distance.]
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Hannibal marched into the music room to where Jono was playing guitar and held out a bouquet of strawberries. "Happy birthday." With his other hand, he held out Jono's voucher from Portalocity. "I've booked us a portal to Sweden; the standard hotel next to the icehotel is open in summer now."

And it didn't smell overpoweringly of cheese.
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The fortunate thing about finding a world in which an avant-garde opera they might both enjoy was playing, was that such places also tended to have somewhat outre ideas of fashion. It might be Hannibal's birthday, but he wasn't in a mood to make Jono uncomfortable or start any fights. Instead, Hannibal's plaid would be downright staid where they were going, and if Jono wasn't careful, he might start a trend.

Right now, though, Hannibal was trying to decide upon a tie that fit the evening. He'd had one chosen earlier, but had foolishly left it hanging too close to the bed, and it had been summarily pulled down - at the moment it was being used as a cat bed. Even if he could pull it out, the grey hairs on it weren't going anywhere any time soon.
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As was to be expected of any party thrown (or, more accurately, carefully arranged) in Hannibal's home, everything about tonight's party seemed to be well-considered, well-balanced, and tasteful.

And as was to be expected of any party thrown in Jono's honour in a home that he spent more time in than the place he called his own, all of those well-considered, well-balanced, and tasteful fixings were a little bit on the punk rock side.

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[OOC: Open for anyone who thinks they were invited, anyone who wants to have been invited, any crashers, what-have-you! OCD up!]

[ETA: OMG I suck. I was so tired last night, I forgot to mention - it probably goes without saying, but this was written at least half by the wonderful [ profile] furnaceface!]
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So, it was Hannibal's 50th birthday, and in order to forestall any of his friends from going to ridiculous lengths (and Karla from trying to make a cake), he'd decided to have his own party. A small, classy, understated dinner party.

He'd gotten a few special shipments in, and he'd made a number of lovely dishes. It should be a while until anyone was here, so he was taking a moment to relax and put his feet up and read.

[Continued here.]


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