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Jono had been absorbed most of the week in hammering, tinkering, and generally fussing with his collar. He'd declared early on that he would be done with it by the weekend, Hannibal would see!

What precisely "being done with it" meant, Hannibal was curious to see. And perhaps a bit wary of.

So, now that it was almost the weekend, he was heading down to the media room, which Jono had currently claimed as a workroom, to see what progress he had made.

"I'm feeling a bit of deja vu," he noted.

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Hannibal spent some time in the cellar choosing just the right wine for the evening, then wandered out into the media room on his way upstairs. Jono was sitting in the middle of the floor, bits and pieces of electronics scattered around him, contrasted with a neat line of tools.

He stood and watched, knowing Jono would catch his presence and curiosity, and willing to wait in case it was delicate.

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Hannibal had gone looking for things to wear that would be comfortable for flying, but was somewhat stymied by the fact that he'd always been a woman in warm weather. He eventually settled on wool pants and a shirt, and his motorcycle jacket. It fit, anyway, and ought to keep him warm. He'd dug out a scarf, too, in case Jono might think it necessary, but gloves...well, he would simply have to have cold hands.

The cats had been fed and were currently sleeping in one of the bay windows, with Beethoven pretending to ignore Joni had her chin on him. Dinner for this evening was prepared or ready for preparing. "Ready whenever you are," he called out, thinking it as well in case Jono wasn't within hearing range.

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