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After his trip to see Raven, Hannibal stopped for a while in Sidra; he had some time, after all, given how quickly it moved here as compared to Fandom. He had a lovely chat with Ermengarde and exchanged a few herbs, then packed up what books of Jono's he could find to bring back with him.

Then he changed into local clothing and headed into the city. He had one more appointment )

[OOC: Cut for non-graphic murder and mention of child abuse. Because Hannibal and Kaeleer. NFB, NFI]
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Hannibal was enjoying his time at Karla's estate, and had been dividing it between speaking and working with Ermengarde (trading recipes and techniques and so forth); reading up on anything and everything to do with the local politics, beliefs, and Protocol (which was both fascinating and potentially useful); and wandering through the town, observing.

He fully intended on taking care of that place's "customers", and that would take some preparation.

Right now, he was comfortably ensconced in a comfortable chair, reading up on Glacia's recent history and wondering if it would be possible or prudent to eavesdrop on Karla's mediation.

[OOC: NFB for distance, but open for calls, e-mail, or anyone who's in Glacia!]
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Hannibal settled his things in the wardrobe and wandered about the room, familiarizing himself with everything in it. Karla's hospitality was as impeccable as he would have expected, even if he had been for all intents and purposes kidnapped. He wondered darkly for a moment if Glacia had an equivalent of the FBI to investigate such things.

Which naturally led to other thoughts. Of Jack, of Alana. And especially of Will.

He stood in the middle of the room, eyes closed, calming himself.
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[OOC: Preplayed with the wondermous [ profile] furnaceface and continued in comments! NFB]

[ETA: Now very firmly NSFW!]


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