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Now that Jono was properly tailored, clothed, (hair)cut, manicured, trolled, and had an inkling that this might not, in fact, be torture, the intervention posse was set to see him actually relaxing a bit more.

Whether he liked it or not.

[OOC: As before, open to the intervention posse and open for calls, texts, etc. NFB due to distance.]
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After listening to Momoko's message (and changing his voicemail message), Hannibal headed into his office and started taking notes as he called her back.

[OOC: Expecting the obvious one, but open for drop-ins, calls, or what-have-you after!]
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This was the most crowded Hannibal could recall being in quite some time. There were several children in the master bedroom, one of whom was apparently his, her other father in another bed in his room (yes, thank you, Angela, but they were not a couple here, and you could stop looking at them like that), and Jono's friends on the pull-out couch in the living room.

On the bright side, it was a built-in audience for breakfast. So Hannibal was brewing some excellent coffee while he worked as quietly as possible at cinnamon polenta pancakes, sweet potato & pork belly hash, rosemary grapefruit, thick-cut bacon, and toast from some very good, dense bread he had.

And mimosas for the adults. He had a feeling they still might need a drink.

[OOC: open to those who stayed the night and anyone with a need to drop by!]
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It was always a bit of a juggling act to both play host and oversee an entire meal, but it was one that Hannibal enjoyed. Even if he had had to adjust the menu to account for vegetarians. He'd been preparing things for days now, and with all but the finishing touches done, he was free to leave the dishes in the care of the sous chef he'd hired for the day.

He inspected the oven one last time, nodded to the woman, and retreated to the living room with hors d'oeuvres and light music, to wait for his guests.

Grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toasts
Ricotta-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
Crostini with sun-dried tomato jam
Mushroom polenta diamonds
Paté with pomegranate gelee
Drinks: Dry sherry, Chenin blanc, home-brewed beer, or tea.

[Open to anyone who decided to come! Dinner will be in comments later; I wanted to get this up for early-time-zone folks.]

[Oh! And NFB unless the squirrels want to show up. They weren't explicitly sent invitations, but...squirrels.]


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