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Hannibal had seen Lucille this weekend, but neither of them had remembered their usual Saturday lessons. And this weekend was likely to be too busy with wedding preparations. So Hannibal had written Lucille and asked if she would prefer to make up the week's lesson today.

Which meant that he was readying tea, scones, and the harpsichord for his student. And playing a bit himself before she got there, just to get back in practice.

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Hannibal was checking his e-mail on his tablet as Jono read. He followed a few links, checked something else, raised an eyebrow, and excused himself, taking his tablet and phone with him. He had a glint in his eyes.

He came back a few minutes later smiling.
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Jono had been upset ever since class that morning, and Hannibal had a very good idea why. He even had some of his own thoughts on the matter. Jono would speak when he was ready, though, and Hannibal wasn't going to press him.

Which didn't mean he wouldn't coax him into the music room to try out his new composition while accompanying him on harpsichord. Music was wonderful for opening floodgates.

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Hannibal didn't actually expect people to show up today. Honestly, if it weren't in his home, he probably wouldn't have braved the maple syrup (honestly?) to go to group therapy himself.

But, in case anybody did show, he had both a selection of non-maple snacks, and a stack of towels and a basin of warm water.

And in case they didn't, he had his tablet.

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Hannibal set the large glass of home-brewed dark ale on the end table, along with the tiny pork pies and pickle and the remote control for the music system.

And, because he could surf Google and iTunes as well as anyone, and it never paid to be too predictable, he was playing (not too loudly) Opeth.

He was even wearing a comfortable sweater and slacks instead of a suit. He was picking his battles today, and his battle was how greasy not to make fish and potatoes! Since they'd been so rudely interrupted by eels earlier.

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