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Hannibal had gotten a tax rebate.

In a currency he had no idea the origin of.

So, he was spending quite a bit of time on the phone to the bank today, trying to figure it out.

Apart from Would it be worth it to attempt his own wine, when he could get perfectly decent vintages from so many other worlds? Perhaps a cider or something. Or he could work on some vinegars. He needed a project.

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[ETA WARNING: Sparkle's thread includes description of child/domestic abuse.]
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Hannibal and Jono had returned from their honeymoon in time for Christmas Eve, but where most people might have taken a few days to relax, Hannibal was taking the opportunity to cook.

Sparkle had been invited, along with their collective students, and they'd asked that word be passed to anyone who might still be on the island and needing or wanting to spend the holiday with others.

There were eggnog, coffee, lamb, quail, copious roasted vegetables, and desserts in the oven. The fireplaces were lit, and the smells of pine, spices, and roasting meats were everywhere.

Christmas was ready!

[OOC: EVERYONE IS INVITED! If you're around, feel free to drop in. SP is the name of the game, I expect.]
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There were small children around, some of whom Hannibal was fairly invested in, and so there was a large breakfast being made.

And the windows and back door were open despite the chill, the smell of bacon and crepes and waffles calculated to attract any stragglers who might need it. Adults or children, either - there were mimosas and coffee available, too.

Hannibal had a bit of light Classical music playing, and was humming as he worked.

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Lucille, Hannibal had no doubt, had heard the entire altercation with Jack. But she was inclined to murder herself, and had helped him after, so he wasn't worried about that.

Sparkle, on the other hand, he had little doubt had also heard, and he'd not seen hide nor hair of the boy since. And while Sparkle did seem to harbor his own sort of ruthlessness, it hadn't yet extended to murder save when they hadn't entirely been themselves.

So, Hannibal had phoned him and left a message. A request, not a demand, to speak with him.

Now he waited and hoped.

[Hannibal's home all day; open post other than Sparkle's thread. The nature of Jack's beef with Hannibal and the discussion of murdertimes NFB!]
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Despite the last-minute change of venue - when they'd finally found a date that worked, the contractors had run into snags at the Boards, and they'd ended up in Jono's world, at a banquet hall in Westchester that it had taken all of Hannibal's persuasion and Jono's reputation to get them - they were set up beautifully. The place was wood-panelled, and decorated in rich fabrics of black and light grey offset by twists of saffron and dark yellow roses. Candles (electronic ones) flickered at the ends of each row of seats that had been set up.

The dining room had been set up in the same colors as the main hall... )

[OOC: It's their wedding day! Free to attend for anybody who thinks they might have gotten an invitation, or even those who might not have.The more, the merrier! Portalocity will make it easy for you, since they're hell-bent on making Hannibal happy. There will be hijinks within, naturally. We couldn't resist. Preplayed with the lovely and wonderful [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] atreideslioness, and [ profile] that_oldsaying!]

Arrivals | Hannibal's dressing room | Jono's dressing room | The ceremony | BUT THEN! | Aftermath | OOC
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Hannibal could have gone all-out with a gourmet dinner for Sparkle's birthday. But this was Sparkle's birthday, so he'd opted for something else - his own touch on food that Sparkle would be more familiar with.

So, when Sparkle arrived for dinner, he'd find the house smelling of poutine with pork confit and foie-gras sauce, steamed fiddleheads with wild leek greens, and butter tarts with caramel sauce. There was also a very good homemade beer to go with it all.

Happy birthday, Sparkle!
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With Jono off at work, Hannibal had made himself lunch and then retired to the music room to compose something on harpsichord. He was playing for stretches, then writing down the parts he liked, happily working through it. Beethoven was curled up on the bench next to him, and Joni was curled up on top of Beethoven.

All in all, a quiet afternoon at home.

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Hannibal had gotten the distinct impression that Atton didn't care for fancy food. He might have gone all out for Sparkle regardless, but today he wanted the focus on the conversation, not the meal. So, he had stuck to a fairly simple frittata with sausages and fresh fruit on the side, and coffee. A lot of coffee.

It was also somewhat later than he generally ate himself, but neither of his guests this meal seemed to be morning people.

[OOC: For the guest, the invited, and the partner if he feels like it!]
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Jono had been a bit twitchy for several days now; anticipatory and a little on edge. Not enough that Hannibal was concerned, but enough that he noticed. So today he'd set aside a bit of extra time and a large and disposable blanket. The back yard was sheltered by enough trees to give them privacy, and if there should be would be less messy.

Now he just needed to herd Jono out there.
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All the graduates and teachers had been handwavily because I had a brain-fart invited to dinner this evening, and Hannibal had gone all out. Which, to be fair, meant one of his usual parties.

There was an actual cloth banner stretched across the entrance to the grand salon that said CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES. There were little gift baskets of food for each of the graduates; the ones he knew had their favorites included. If Sparkle's was a little larger than the others, Hannibal would surely be forgiven.

In lieu of a formal dinner (this was a celebration for teenagers, after all), he'd gone with small-plate appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Placed around the room (and being circulated by a few very discreet hired hands) were:


[OOC: Open post! No OCD. Graduates and teachers would've been invited (plus-ones welcome), but crashers are welcome OOC; IC Hannibal may raise an eyebrow.]
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After yesterday's target practice, Hannibal had been left with a bloody lawn and a lot of eel meat.

So, after hosing off the lawn (and putting out shrimp for the flamingos, shut up), he started cooking.

He started with bouillabaisse, added smoked eel with new potatoes, leeks, and clam beurre blanc and smoked eel and crisp pork belly confit with baby beetroot and horseradish cream for Jono, since he'd been instrumental in getting the eels (and smoking a few unintentionally), continued with dashi-simmered eel because he couldn't leave out Japanese recipes, and finished with a simply cooked and artistically presented whole roasted eel.

Accompanying them were elegantly plated portions of sautéed spinach with apples and walnuts, a beautiful presentation of roquefort dip with apple, endive, and celery Hearts, homemade bread made into crostini with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and apple chutney, elegantly displayed parsnip bacon, and taiyaki which Hannibal had taken the liberty of shaping like eel rather than the traditional fish and filled with red bean paste.

There were also a very good Riesling and a Malbec, 18-year Laphroaig, sparkling water, and plenty of excellent coffee.

The lawn was clean, the only eel around was edible, and Hannibal's door was open! (Metaphorically; it was still a bit chilly, after all.)

Everyone welcome - come and eat the things that tried to eat you!

[OOC: Open post! No OCD, just show up, mingle, eat, drink, stare at the food dubiously, or whatever! I may be a bit SP, but I couldn't not do it!]
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Hannibal would be heading for Kaeleer later on, but for now, he did still have some gifts to give. And a cat that would need feeding while he was away.

So, a very nice Christmas brunch it was.

[OOC: Expecting one, but open to anyone who wants to drop by. If you drop by, Hannibal will have a Christmas present for you (not people)! Standard SP warning, though.]
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With as much prep done as possible the day before, Hannibal...was still up plenty early, due to both inclination and all the food still left to cook. He believed in doing everything right, and he also believed that the host should not spend their entire party in the kitchen.

So, with Sparkle's help, by early afternoon everything was done and being kept warm or cold, only the final just-before-plating flourishes left, and he was relaxing with a nice glass of mulled wine, ready for the guests.

[OOC: Open post! OCD up! Have at! If your character would be here but you'll be afk, feel free to just ping in an intro! SP is love!]
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The arrangements had all been made, the menu was set, all the ingredients and wines had been delivered, and all that was left was to make the food.

Which meant starting the day before, because some things just had to be done right.

Were you sorry yet that you'd offered to help so that you could learn party planning, Sparkle?

[OOC: For the one mentioned, but open for calls or drop-bys, why not? Just a bit of T-day prep!]
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The FBI and the local press were scampering about like ants whose hill had been disturbed. Hannibal supposed one presumed-dead agent returned to life, a convicted murderer gone missing, and a nearly convicted insane man proved innocent would do that.

For the moment, though, he'd taken a break from watching the amusing chaos in order to ready one of his guest rooms, stock his beer, and make a hearty and relatively simple - for him - dinner. He was rather looking forward to hearing what Sparkle had thought of the drama workshops.

[OOC: for one, but open for phone or whatnot; NFB due to distance!]
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Hannibal hummed along with the music as he carefully chose the right ingredients and cut of meat for his chosen recipe. Sparkle wanted to hurry back to the young girl he was looking after, so having everything ready would cut down on the preparation time. Not to mention, he just liked to be prepared.

Cut for overt cannibalism )
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It was always a bit of a juggling act to both play host and oversee an entire meal, but it was one that Hannibal enjoyed. Even if he had had to adjust the menu to account for vegetarians. He'd been preparing things for days now, and with all but the finishing touches done, he was free to leave the dishes in the care of the sous chef he'd hired for the day.

He inspected the oven one last time, nodded to the woman, and retreated to the living room with hors d'oeuvres and light music, to wait for his guests.

Grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toasts
Ricotta-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
Crostini with sun-dried tomato jam
Mushroom polenta diamonds
Paté with pomegranate gelee
Drinks: Dry sherry, Chenin blanc, home-brewed beer, or tea.

[Open to anyone who decided to come! Dinner will be in comments later; I wanted to get this up for early-time-zone folks.]

[Oh! And NFB unless the squirrels want to show up. They weren't explicitly sent invitations, but...squirrels.]
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After the rehearsal, Hannibal headed home and brought up a copy of the script on his tablet. Really, a play? What had he been thinking?

Well, that he'd have two fairly dangerous people in his debt, naturally. But still. He poured himself a nice glass of wine, put on some music, took off his jacket and shoes, and sat down with his tablet to go over both the script and the latest local news.

[OOC: expecting one, open to calls or whatnot!]
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Hannibal would be cooking dinner for Alana, but his lunch guest was Sparkle (he assumed, since the boy hadn't dropped by for his keys), so he was sticking to more conventional and casual food.

So, Sparkle was getting grilled venison and pork sausage, Pumpkin potato puree, and brussels sprouts with kale, bacon, and chestnuts.

Plus a fairly stout beer that went nicely with it.

Sorry, Sparkle. You would have to manage to muddle through somehow.

[For the one mentioned, though anyone's welcome to knock on the door!]


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