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//You know,// Jono said, thoughtfully looking over the food Hannibal had prepared (and still was preparing) for the party they were throwing today, //I think it's possible that there's something here for everyone on the island?//

Literally. Jono suspected that everybody on the island could show up, each make off with the entirety of one of the dishes, and there would still be leftovers after the party.

"I should hope so." Hannibal put the finishing touches on the last few plates he'd have to bring out to the grill. "I don't want anybody saying they left hungry from a party of mine." Or theirs. Whichever. "How is the music coming along?"

//There is definitely music,// Jono reported. //It's… leaning heavily into swing territory. First thing that came to mind when trying to come up with something that everybody could enjoy.//

"Not a bad thing," Hannibal said, smiling. "Although we might have to indulge in a bit of dancing later."

//Heaven forbid,// Jono teased, winking as he thumbed through his playlist one more time. //We'll see if we can get you away from that grill long enough to manage it, hm?//

Hannibal gave him a look of fond reproof. "I would never be so long cooking that I didn't enjoy my own party." He nodded at the food. "Once this is done, I'll only be turning things on here and there, and perhaps manning the bar."

//Well, then I suppose I ought to go put the shrimp out to coax the flamingos off the lawn,// Jono decided. //It's almost that time, anyway.//

"If you can keep them to the side," Hannibal suggested, "they'll be out of the way of anyone coming up from the front as well. Hopefully once everybody is back here, they won't be disturbing them."

How well would that work out? Only time would tell.

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Hannibal hadn't been planning on coming in to his office on the island until the afternoon.

Just until he woke up to a hat and eyepatch that wouldn't go away, and cursed a lot more like a sailor than usual.

So now he was in his office, working on classes and listening to the only opera his stereo would play today.

At least his getup matched his mood.

[Open, but grumpy!]
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Hannibal had been wary about coming back here after all the singing on Friday, but things today seemed fairly sane. Or at least largely within the bounds of science and psychology that he could extrapolate to. Which was good, because he had finishing touches to put on tomorrow's lesson, now he'd been assured the proper ingredients.

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