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Hannibal marched into the music room to where Jono was playing guitar and held out a bouquet of strawberries. "Happy birthday." With his other hand, he held out Jono's voucher from Portalocity. "I've booked us a portal to Sweden; the standard hotel next to the icehotel is open in summer now."

And it didn't smell overpoweringly of cheese.
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Christmas hadn't dawned yet; dawn wouldn't come until late morning. Meanwhile, Hannibal had manged to finagle some nice, hot coffee from the restaurant and was enjoying it from a thermos as he contemplated the day before them.

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After the party was over on Monday, Hannibal went home, did a bit of research, threw a lot of money around, and booked them a portal for the morning. Then he slept.

The next day, he smiled at Jono as they stepped through the portal. It was bright and cold and very, very far from Fandom. "I hope this will do."

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Even if Hannibal hadn't genuinely wanted a motorcycle, the sheer glee on Jono's face when he discussed it would have made it a very tempting prospect. The looks Hannibal got trying on leathers weren't discouraging, either.

So, after most of Thursday afternoon and a bit of Friday morning, they were the proud owners of a 2015 Triumph Thruxton and a Norton Commando 961 SF, and Hannibal had a new jacket, leather pants, and boots.

And when you had new bikes and leathers, you had to try them out, didn't you?

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Flashback, Gramex, and Intoxica behind them, Hannibal was now happily browsing in Harold Moores. He hadn't found much so far today, but he enjoyed just browsing through the vinyl and CDs, finding things he hadn't heard before. And Jono didn't seem to be too put out over all the shopping.

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Having finally arrived - refreshed, at least, due to their stopover - at their hotel, Hannibal and Jono headed to their room, where Hannibal immediately set about putting his clothing away neatly and setting things out the way he liked them.

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This vacation had been months in the planning. Jono had bought tickets for pretty much all of it back around Hannibal's birthday, and then circumstances had continued to be big and overwhelming, to the point where they'd wound up rescheduling until, finally, here they were. On their way to London, the break before the summer sessions were about to start.

It was really just a shame, about the whole alien invasion going on overhead.Read more... )

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