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Hannibal woke up, stretched, and blinked. Then gave himself a moment to appreciate the lack of any particularly overwhelming emotion this morning.

He looked over at the others in bed with him whoever ended up in the cuddle pile and chuckled. Well, it had been interesting, there was no denying that.

However, he had no intention of spending another day in Jono's clothing or his own pajamas, thank you.

He got up carefully, took a shower and dressed casually but in his own clothes, and headed out to start the coffee.

He had a feeling they might be needing it.
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Hannibal had been uncharacteristically avoiding his phone last night, and so didn't notice Jono's message until this morning. He winced sympathetically at the anger, and wondered briefly if there were something Fandom at work here. After all, he'd been horrid himself the last few days, but he felt fine today.

He sent off a quick message back as he took stock of the food in the suite's kitchen.

Sorry to hear that; I hope you're feeling better today. I'm in the hotel's gourmet suite. Care to drop by and sample some food?
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Yesterday, Hannibal had been out of sorts. Unaccountably angry, he had taken a number of people’s business cards, deliberately given at least one patient advice that was bound to cause problems in her marriage, and given a professional colleague the rather sharp edge of his tongue. He had very much wanted to indulge in other hobbies, but maintained just enough sense to know that it would be a bad idea in that mood — which, naturally, made him even angrier. His basement wasn’t pretty now.

Today, though, he couldn’t shake a general feeling of unease. What if he had let something slip? What if Jack Crawford began to suspect him? Other things worried him, too: what if Will stopped agreeing to see him? What if Will were convicted? What if everything went wrong?

He cleaned up after his previous day’s rampage thoroughly, made absolutely certain the house was perfect, put on a good face for his patients, then packed quickly. If anything should happen, what if the plans he’d already put in place weren’t enough? Fortunately, he had a new alternative if he should have to lose himself for a while.

Taking enough for several days, Hannibal called ahead to the Arms Hotel, reserved their gourmet suite, and drove to the island causeway, making plans the whole way there. There were questions of banking, real estate, access... He had work to do.

[OOC: Mood crystals help with foreshadowing! \o/ Hannibal will be staying at the hotel for at least the weekend. Open for meeting him on the causeway or in the hotel, or phone calls and whatnot.]
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Hannibal woke up feeling no different than the night before, until all the memories started flooding in. Growing up a woman; growing up with no uncle, stuck in a Soviet boarding school; growing up with his entire family, in France; being himself, with Sparkle his willing protégé.

He scrubbed his face with one hand and shoved it all to the back of his mind long enough to make coffee. Then sat drinking it, remembering, cataloguing every detail so as not to forget.

If there were a few parts that got especially fond treatment, that was nobody's business but his own.

Around noon, he made a phone call and sent a text message. Then he just sat and went back to thinking.

[OOC: Open to anyone who wants to drop by.]

[ETA: Therapy session NFB, please!]
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After spending a bit more handwavy fruitless time in the library, Hannibal had headed back to the hotel to relax, check the news, catch up on his e-mail, and do a bit of actual work. Having done that, he switched to more casual dress and put his feet up on the couch, reading on his tablet.

He hadn't seen Jono all day, and if there was any chance there were more dinosaurs out there...well, he had enough meat for some time already.

[OOC: Expecting one or two, but open to drop-bys and calls!]
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This was the most crowded Hannibal could recall being in quite some time. There were several children in the master bedroom, one of whom was apparently his, her other father in another bed in his room (yes, thank you, Angela, but they were not a couple here, and you could stop looking at them like that), and Jono's friends on the pull-out couch in the living room.

On the bright side, it was a built-in audience for breakfast. So Hannibal was brewing some excellent coffee while he worked as quietly as possible at cinnamon polenta pancakes, sweet potato & pork belly hash, rosemary grapefruit, thick-cut bacon, and toast from some very good, dense bread he had.

And mimosas for the adults. He had a feeling they still might need a drink.

[OOC: open to those who stayed the night and anyone with a need to drop by!]


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