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Hannibal scowled at the still-unfinished floor in his study and brought his tablet into the salon instead. The contractors had hit some sort of snag, and there were still several rooms now with the floors torn up. Hannibal was almost as displeased as Beethoven; the cat was refusing to even come downstairs.

"How many more days?"
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Neither Hannibal nor Jono had wanted to camp this weekend, nor was either of them a particularly Easter-prone person, so a quiet day at home it was.

Or it would have been, except that Hannibal had finally gotten the last of the quotes from the contractors the other day. He now had several different designs of sauna to contemplate, as well as a selection of quotes for various heated-floor options.

His folder was fuller than it had been last week, though hopefully Jono was in a better frame of mind to deal with it. (And pay for it, because good lord.)

He'd better be, because Hannibal was coming at him with it now. And coffee, at least.

Oh, Jono...

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The contractors had been ecstatic when Hannibal contacted them for more work, and he'd soon had three different possible plans for a sauna conversion.

He also had an estimate for installing radiant heating under all the floors. He hoped Jono planned on paying for that.

He headed for the den and stood in the doorway watching for a time. At the moment, he would settle for Jono acting well again; whatever was affecting him only seemed to have gotten worse lately.

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