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With all the extra guests in the house this weekend, it was a good thing they had so many bedrooms. And this morning, most of them would undoubtedly be taken up by disgruntled and/or embarrassed teens and adults. There was only one thing to do for it, really.

Make breakfast again.

Fortunately, Hannibal tended not to sleep much.

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There were small children around, some of whom Hannibal was fairly invested in, and so there was a large breakfast being made.

And the windows and back door were open despite the chill, the smell of bacon and crepes and waffles calculated to attract any stragglers who might need it. Adults or children, either - there were mimosas and coffee available, too.

Hannibal had a bit of light Classical music playing, and was humming as he worked.

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Hannibal had been, unsurprisingly for those who had been at the wedding, rather annoyed recently. He suspected his sudden attack of snake earlier this week had been the island's way of giving him a vacation.

Or of keeping him here and not out hunting quite so much. Though that did little to explain Jono's transformation. Or maybe it did.

Whatever the reason, he had now been himself again for most of a day, and he was feeling much more relaxed.

It helped that he was in his kitchen, working on a simple veal saltimbocca and listening to some lovely music.

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Hannibal had spent most of the day on the phone with florists and the cake shop, the hotel and banquet hall, and a few of the guests, arranging some last-minute things. And brushing the cat, because biology waited for no weddings, and he had to keep the shedding down.

Now, he was reading and listening to Bach, sipping some very good tea.

It was a good day.

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Since Kanan had been in no shape last night to tell Hannibal where he lived, he'd ended up in one of Hannibal's guest rooms. His shoes and jacket were under a plush chair next to the bed, the chair itself weighing them down so they wouldn't escape.

Hannibal woke up as early as was his custom, but when getting ready involved bodily threatening every article of clothing, it took a bit longer than usual. He ended up sans jacket and socks, but with a shirt, waistcoat, and trousers that worked well together, at least. (His shoes were currently pinned in the corner of the closet after being threatened with a scalpel.)

Now he was drinking coffee to the sounds of Tosca and thumbing through his recipes for something that sounded good. He had company, after all.

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Hannibal didn't actually expect people to show up today. Honestly, if it weren't in his home, he probably wouldn't have braved the maple syrup (honestly?) to go to group therapy himself.

But, in case anybody did show, he had both a selection of non-maple snacks, and a stack of towels and a basin of warm water.

And in case they didn't, he had his tablet.

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Hannibal woke and stretched, rolled over, and...oh. It was one of those weekends, was it? He glanced at Jono, amused to see that it appeared to have hit him as well this time - the face above his bandages was decidedly female.

Well, this could be interesting. But first, there were other priorities. He slipped out of bed, cinched his pajamas tighter over his slimmer waist, took a moment to find a properly sized blouse, and headed downstairs to make coffee and breakfast.

Definitely in that order.

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Hannibal scowled at the still-unfinished floor in his study and brought his tablet into the salon instead. The contractors had hit some sort of snag, and there were still several rooms now with the floors torn up. Hannibal was almost as displeased as Beethoven; the cat was refusing to even come downstairs.

"How many more days?"
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So, Hannibal had half as many children himself this weekend as he had last time, but that hadn't made it any less hectic or full of cooking. And he wouldn't even pretend that he minded. At least this time he had his own kitchen.

So, he was up early again today, getting started on breakfast for the crowd. He was one carafe of coffee and a set of recipe cards into it when Angela stumbled down, yawning, and grinned at him. "I thought I could sous-chef again, if you like." She kissed his cheek.

Hannibal smiled back. "That would be lovely; thank you. What do you think?" He fanned the recipe cards out for her to see.

"I like it," she decided. "I'll start cutting."

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It was fairly quiet this time of night, though there were probably still one or two around for the late-night room service and prep for tomorrow. Hannibal was hoping they could be convinced or paid into helping, or at least not actively hindering.

If it came down to it, he was perfectly prepared to truss them up in a corner; it would be a kindness far above spam!

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Hannibal had stayed up late last night, and only gotten to bed in the early morning. He was woken only a few hours later by the sudden cessation of all the little noises a house's appliances made. He made a quick mental check of things, listened to the weather, and was ready to go back to sleep when he found himself blinking in the light of a fireplace that hadn't been there a moment before.

He frowned at it and got up to look it over. It seemed normal in every respect except for the fact that it shouldn't be there.

Beethoven jumped down off the bed, came over to sniff and poke at the thing, then jumped up on the hearth, turned around, curled up, and went back to sleep.

Hannibal sighed and went down to make breakfast. "I have gas heating, you know," he told the air.

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Hannibal really was going to have to hang out a metaphorical shingle some time soon. The school and his activities in Glacia simply didn't occupy him enough to stave off boredom entirely. But until then, he would spend time here in some of his other favorite pastimes - reading, composing, and cooking.

Maybe something in parchment, today. He did have a bit of liver left over...

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The arrangements had all been made, the menu was set, all the ingredients and wines had been delivered, and all that was left was to make the food.

Which meant starting the day before, because some things just had to be done right.

Were you sorry yet that you'd offered to help so that you could learn party planning, Sparkle?

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Yes, there was a brunch going on. However, Hannibal wasn't an alumnus, and those he knew were mostly staying with him. And while he appreciated the school's effort, he'd prefer to eat his own food, thank you.

So, he was up and cooking breakfast. The windows throughout the first floor were open to let in the breeze, and he had Rigoletto playing in the background as he worked. The rosemary grapefruit was nearly done, the crepes were keeping warm, the omelette was baking, and the bacon was sizzling in the pan.

It really was a lovely morning.

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Will's trial date was getting closer, and Hannibal had a lot on his mind. But never let it be said he didn't have time to cook for a troubled friend. And if Raven were going to keep her promise and speak to him about the things that were bothering her, the least he could do was ensure it began over a decent meal.

So, dinner was finishing up, and now he was only waiting for the guest of honor.

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Hannibal had been uncharacteristically avoiding his phone last night, and so didn't notice Jono's message until this morning. He winced sympathetically at the anger, and wondered briefly if there were something Fandom at work here. After all, he'd been horrid himself the last few days, but he felt fine today.

He sent off a quick message back as he took stock of the food in the suite's kitchen.

Sorry to hear that; I hope you're feeling better today. I'm in the hotel's gourmet suite. Care to drop by and sample some food?
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Pizza, Jono wanted for class. So here Hannibal was, testing a number of different cheeses and assorted ingredients to see which went best with the garlic rosemary flatbread he had made for a crust. He was hoping for something palatable, at least.

It probably wouldn't be what you'd had in mind, Jono, but if you knew Hannibal at all, it would be what you expected.

He was going to be nice and bring beer with it, but for now he was drinking wine. Because honestly, pizza!

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Hannibal hummed along with the music as he carefully chose the right ingredients and cut of meat for his chosen recipe. Sparkle wanted to hurry back to the young girl he was looking after, so having everything ready would cut down on the preparation time. Not to mention, he just liked to be prepared.

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