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Hannibal was aware they were going to have to speak about this weekend, but he'd learned to let Jono come to these things in his own time. So, for now he was sipping coffee and reading a book in the study.

Cut for length and discussion of canon )

[The parts in Hannibal's head is NFB, obviously, but that they had a Serious Discussion is open.]
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Hannibal didn't actually expect people to show up today. Honestly, if it weren't in his home, he probably wouldn't have braved the maple syrup (honestly?) to go to group therapy himself.

But, in case anybody did show, he had both a selection of non-maple snacks, and a stack of towels and a basin of warm water.

And in case they didn't, he had his tablet.

[OOC: Open post, no OCD!]]
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After last night, Hannibal had returned home, shaved and bathed, and enjoyed a relaxing day as himself. Beethoven was still enjoying the heat lamp, moreso now that Joni had headed home along with Jono, who'd had his own neglected apartment, mail, and so forth to return to.

They'd made plans for the evening, however, so Hannibal had eaten, picked up a bottle of beer to share as usual, and put a small leather pouch in his pocket, as definitely unusual. He'd changed from the buckled pants and t-shirt but was still dressed casually this evening, in a light blue cashmere sweater and his designer jeans. He had no illusions Jono wouldn't see the attempt for what it was, but with any luck it would still relax him subconsciously.

Hannibal didn't really get nervous, as such, but he was just a touch hyperaware and concerned about how things would go. Oh, he'd manage either way, but one was certainly preferable.

He knocked politely at the door at the same time as he thought loudly, Knock, knock.

[OOC: For the one behind the door, and specifics OH SO VERY NFB. Also NFI, but OOC welcome!]
[WARNING: Mentions of murder and child abuse]


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