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Hannibal woke early in the morning; his nose was the first to tell him there was something wrong.

As he stretched out the kinks of sleeping on the couch and looked around, the rest became apparent - the living room he was in was still his own, but...dingier. There were scratches on one wall and gouges out of another as if something heavy had hit it repeatedly. Several pieces of furniture were missing. He flicked on the lamp, but got nothing - nor, he realized, could he hear the hum of the fan circulating heat. No power, then. Possibly no gas.

He found Jono and padded over to him, avoiding waking the children that might still be asleep. What happened? he asked, putting a hand on his back.

[Open to anyone who stayed or who wants to find their way there!]
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Despite the last-minute change of venue - when they'd finally found a date that worked, the contractors had run into snags at the Boards, and they'd ended up in Jono's world, at a banquet hall in Westchester that it had taken all of Hannibal's persuasion and Jono's reputation to get them - they were set up beautifully. The place was wood-panelled, and decorated in rich fabrics of black and light grey offset by twists of saffron and dark yellow roses. Candles (electronic ones) flickered at the ends of each row of seats that had been set up.

The dining room had been set up in the same colors as the main hall... )

[OOC: It's their wedding day! Free to attend for anybody who thinks they might have gotten an invitation, or even those who might not have.The more, the merrier! Portalocity will make it easy for you, since they're hell-bent on making Hannibal happy. There will be hijinks within, naturally. We couldn't resist. Preplayed with the lovely and wonderful [ profile] furnaceface, [ profile] vdistinctive, [ profile] atreideslioness, and [ profile] that_oldsaying!]

Arrivals | Hannibal's dressing room | Jono's dressing room | The ceremony | BUT THEN! | Aftermath | OOC


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