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Despite Hannibal's former office well on its way to being converted to a workout room, Jono had gone out running today. Since it generally took him a while, Hannibal had decided it would be the perfect time for a very personal meal.

After his run, Jono had worked out. And then headed for the sauna. Hannibal sent him a bit of amused approval as he plated his lunch, then let him have his time alone - his wrappings hadn't gone back on in over a week now, but he had needed a bit more decompression time after returning home. It was a work in progress.

Meanwhile, he was going to enjoy his pot au feu - marrow bones to one side with some very good salt and toasted baguette slices, tender meat sliced thin with vegetables arranged nicely among the slices, and just a bit of mustard and horseradish swirled in.

Bon(e) appetit was probably too obvious a pun, wasn't it? Never mind, then.

[OOC: WARNING - CANNIBALISM. Contents of Hannibal's meal (and thus the discussion about it) very much NFB.]
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Hannibal really was going to have to hang out a metaphorical shingle some time soon. The school and his activities in Glacia simply didn't occupy him enough to stave off boredom entirely. But until then, he would spend time here in some of his other favorite pastimes - reading, composing, and cooking.

Maybe something in parchment, today. He did have a bit of liver left over...

[OOC: open if you like, but Bob's bit comes first!]
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Hannibal hummed along with the music as he carefully chose the right ingredients and cut of meat for his chosen recipe. Sparkle wanted to hurry back to the young girl he was looking after, so having everything ready would cut down on the preparation time. Not to mention, he just liked to be prepared.

Cut for overt cannibalism )


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