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Hannibal woke in one of the guest bedrooms, stretched, and rubbed his face. The weekend slowly filtered back in, and he shook his head. Well, that was new.

Joni looked up at him and mewed, then attacked the foot Beethoven wasn't sleeping on. Then mewed again and pounced toward the door.

Apparently, locking himself (and the cats) in a room away from Jono was not going to be tolerated any longer.

"Yes, little one," he told her. He rubbed Beethoven's head and got nothing worse than a grumbly look as he extracted his foot and went to open the door.

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Hannibal didn't know where he was, but it definitely wasn't the orphanage. It was far too nice and far too empty for that. He peered around suspiciously, then made a thorough inspection of the floor he was on and the rooms in it.

He found some bread and fruit in the kitchen and wrapped it in a towel to carry with him, eating another piece that wouldn't fit. Wherever he was, it was safer on his own than in somebody's house - you never knew when they might come home.

He grabbed a knife from the kitchen, too, just in case, then headed carefully for the door.

[Open for anyone in or outside of the house that wants to catch teen!Hannibal sneaking away!]


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