sharp_as_knives: (At home)
sharp_as_knives ([personal profile] sharp_as_knives) wrote2016-12-25 12:14 pm

Hannibal and Jono's house, Christmas

Hannibal and Jono had returned from their honeymoon in time for Christmas Eve, but where most people might have taken a few days to relax, Hannibal was taking the opportunity to cook.

Sparkle had been invited, along with their collective students, and they'd asked that word be passed to anyone who might still be on the island and needing or wanting to spend the holiday with others.

There were eggnog, coffee, lamb, quail, copious roasted vegetables, and desserts in the oven. The fireplaces were lit, and the smells of pine, spices, and roasting meats were everywhere.

Christmas was ready!

[OOC: EVERYONE IS INVITED! If you're around, feel free to drop in. SP is the name of the game, I expect.]

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