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Hannibal had definitely figured out it was one of those days. He wasn't exactly the type to break into song about his ingredients otherwise. He was hardly going to let a little singing get in the way of a dinner party, though; he'd been planning and cooking, and after all, there was only so much singing they could do while they were actually eating.

He hoped Kanan and his friend weren't the type to sing with their mouths full, anyway.

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Hannibal had been planning on his own meal, but that had been assuming that Jono would be out of the house.

He frowned slightly and checked the clock. "Weren't you going to open the Boards today?"

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Hannibal smoothed down his lapels - burgundy with a lighter pinstripe - and tweaked his gold tie and pocket square into position.

"Well?" he asked with a smirk.Read more... )

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Hannibal was aware they were going to have to speak about this weekend, but he'd learned to let Jono come to these things in his own time. So, for now he was sipping coffee and reading a book in the study.

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So, because Hannibal loved being nosy people-watching like a train wreck helping people through their traumas (and a good excuse to cook), he'd decided on a dinner party for tonight. He'd even put up signs.

And then he'd cooked. A lot.

There were crudites, assorted styles of bruschetta, several different meats (all of them non-sentient), a number of desserts, and numerous bottles of wine, beer, and liquor.

And if fewer people showed up than he hoped, it just meant some homeless shelter would eat very well.

There were also darts, billiards, and a card table downstairs, and if people wanted to start their own games, well..."Never had I Ever" would probably get Hannibal very drunk, but that was neither here nor there.

[Open post! Come and party your dead-people's trauma away!]
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Abigail around meant a lot of things, but one of them was cooking breakfast for more than just himself. She rolled her eyes and grinned at his showmanship, and Hannibal smiled back and realized he truly was a little sorry to have missed out on more of this.

Even if breakfast itself consisted of her throwing insults at his husband across the table.

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Hannibal and Jono had returned from their honeymoon in time for Christmas Eve, but where most people might have taken a few days to relax, Hannibal was taking the opportunity to cook.

Sparkle had been invited, along with their collective students, and they'd asked that word be passed to anyone who might still be on the island and needing or wanting to spend the holiday with others.

There were eggnog, coffee, lamb, quail, copious roasted vegetables, and desserts in the oven. The fireplaces were lit, and the smells of pine, spices, and roasting meats were everywhere.

Christmas was ready!

[OOC: EVERYONE IS INVITED! If you're around, feel free to drop in. SP is the name of the game, I expect.]
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They had gotten (finally! officially!) married on Friday, but the precise portal they needed, due to the nature of it, could not be scheduled until Sunday, despite even Hannibal's best persuasion. Well, at least they had time to pack.

Which was made somewhat more difficult when all of your shirts had become hideous holiday sweaters. Hannibal was wearing one, and packing some of the others based on his memory of what they had been and hopefully would be tomorrow. He was very glad he kept an organized closet.

"Don't worry about all-weather gear," he told Jono, "just what you would normally wear in Spring or Autumn here, and a jacket for layering in case it's chilly."

[Expecting the one!]
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Jono had been handling the latest of the island's whims fairly well, but it was obvious that he'd needed a bit of time regardless. Not that Hannibal minded the massages and the food-sharing.

Eventually, however, they were going to have to discuss the yet another wedding plan, this one as minimalist as possible, that had gotten, to use his (still) fiancé's parlance, totally buggered.

And as Jono had made it to class Wednesday, Hannibal thought that the time might be now.
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Anyone who thought Hannibal wasn't going to celebrate things being back to normal by bathing, getting a manicure, dressing his best, playing the harpsichord, and then cooking just about everything in the pantry really didn't know him.

Of course, all that food needed an audience, didn't it?

So, flyers were going up all day long (courtesy of NPCs other people):

Come eat, drink, and relax while the world's not ending!
22 Phoenix Place, tonight

Because some others might want to talk or just be together and reassure themselves things were better.

And some people coped by cooking.

[Open post! No OCD. Moddable food, but tons of it, along with plenty to drink for those that need it after last week.]
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Hannibal woke early in the morning; his nose was the first to tell him there was something wrong.

As he stretched out the kinks of sleeping on the couch and looked around, the rest became apparent - the living room he was in was still his own, but...dingier. There were scratches on one wall and gouges out of another as if something heavy had hit it repeatedly. Several pieces of furniture were missing. He flicked on the lamp, but got nothing - nor, he realized, could he hear the hum of the fan circulating heat. No power, then. Possibly no gas.

He found Jono and padded over to him, avoiding waking the children that might still be asleep. What happened? he asked, putting a hand on his back.

[Open to anyone who stayed or who wants to find their way there!]
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There were small children around, some of whom Hannibal was fairly invested in, and so there was a large breakfast being made.

And the windows and back door were open despite the chill, the smell of bacon and crepes and waffles calculated to attract any stragglers who might need it. Adults or children, either - there were mimosas and coffee available, too.

Hannibal had a bit of light Classical music playing, and was humming as he worked.

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Hannibal had gotten up early that morning and skipped his morning run in favor of heading directly to the Boards. He still wasn't entirely convinced that the cleanup should be his job, but he did have the expertise for it, and he wanted Jono happy, so he'd been willing to make the compromise. Today was the last of it.

Which didn't mean he actually enjoyed it all. He'd already swept up bits of vases and ribbons, candles and dead flowers, and set the broken chairs to one side; today he had left for cleaning up the blood stains from the floor and the side of the stage. By the time he'd finished enough to call and schedule the carpenter and contractor for the rest, he was sweaty, slightly sore, and more than a little annoyed.

A shower took care of some of that. The rest, he fully intended to take out on Jono.

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Hannibal woke in one of the guest bedrooms, stretched, and rubbed his face. The weekend slowly filtered back in, and he shook his head. Well, that was new.

Joni looked up at him and mewed, then attacked the foot Beethoven wasn't sleeping on. Then mewed again and pounced toward the door.

Apparently, locking himself (and the cats) in a room away from Jono was not going to be tolerated any longer.

"Yes, little one," he told her. He rubbed Beethoven's head and got nothing worse than a grumbly look as he extracted his foot and went to open the door.

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Between his cracked ribs, wrenched leg, and took a while longer for Hannibal to get home than usual, even with Jono helping.

Well, at least they had dinner already made, thanks to Eliot. And the time spent wrapped so close to Jono did give him time to soak in Hannibal's calm, which would hopefully help. Along with the aches and pains he was feeling, unfortunately; Hannibal had considered attempting to hide them, but he rather thought Jono wouldn't thank him for that.

Luckily, there was a full bath on the lower level, since that seemed to be where Hannibal was grounded to.

He wasn't bothering to hide his amusement at being grounded, either. Even if he suspected it rather defeated the purpose.

"Am I entitled to towels after my soak?"
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Relaxed (and cheese-smell-free) after the week in remote Sweden, Hannibal smiled as he stepped through the portal to home.

His smile went away. "What is that noise?"
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Hannibal marched into the music room to where Jono was playing guitar and held out a bouquet of strawberries. "Happy birthday." With his other hand, he held out Jono's voucher from Portalocity. "I've booked us a portal to Sweden; the standard hotel next to the icehotel is open in summer now."

And it didn't smell overpoweringly of cheese.
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Jono: Another stopover. The bloke sitting next to me in the lounge is a giant cockroach. Literally. He's been asked three times to put out his cigar.

Hannibal: I am still a blue pony. With a knife drawn on my side; very subtle.

Later... )
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Today had been a mix of overcoming a hangover, finishing the preparations for class, class itself, cooking a proper breakfast and lunch, and trying to find time in between to reconnect with both himself and Jono.

Now, home from class and with nothing else to do (before they had to start planning a third wedding), Hannibal had fallen back on an assortment of berries with chocolate sauce, and coffee with brandy.

He was eating it in bed, and to hell with it. If the sheets got sauce on them, they could be washed. Or thrown out.

This was as close as Hannibal got to a Mood without being actively homicidal.
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They weren't expecting any visitors today, and the invitations and prep work for the wedding were done (again). So, after Jono got home from the music shop, they met in what was now the gym, though the lights had been turned down and a comfortable sort of nest set up in the middle.

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