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Hannibal and Jono had returned from their honeymoon in time for Christmas Eve, but where most people might have taken a few days to relax, Hannibal was taking the opportunity to cook.

Sparkle had been invited, along with their collective students, and they'd asked that word be passed to anyone who might still be on the island and needing or wanting to spend the holiday with others.

There were eggnog, coffee, lamb, quail, copious roasted vegetables, and desserts in the oven. The fireplaces were lit, and the smells of pine, spices, and roasting meats were everywhere.

Christmas was ready!

[OOC: EVERYONE IS INVITED! If you're around, feel free to drop in. SP is the name of the game, I expect.]
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They had gotten (finally! officially!) married on Friday, but the precise portal they needed, due to the nature of it, could not be scheduled until Sunday, despite even Hannibal's best persuasion. Well, at least they had time to pack.

Which was made somewhat more difficult when all of your shirts had become hideous holiday sweaters. Hannibal was wearing one, and packing some of the others based on his memory of what they had been and hopefully would be tomorrow. He was very glad he kept an organized closet.

"Don't worry about all-weather gear," he told Jono, "just what you would normally wear in Spring or Autumn here, and a jacket for layering in case it's chilly."

[Expecting the one!]
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Hannibal's impulse was to have a huge party and plan an entire menu and drinks menu for it; any excuse. But after spending their vacation in the quiet (if cold) arctic circle, then continuing to relax as much as possible, Hannibal was disinclined to undo all of that work by insisting on a crowd for New Year's Eve.

So, a quiet evening in, with the cats and each other and a glass of very good champagne.

As the clock ticked closer to midnight, Hannibal stretched out on the couch and smiled at Jono. "Well?"

[OOC: For the one mentioned, but open, why not? I'm up for interrupted evenings.]
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Christmas hadn't dawned yet; dawn wouldn't come until late morning. Meanwhile, Hannibal had manged to finagle some nice, hot coffee from the restaurant and was enjoying it from a thermos as he contemplated the day before them.

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Hannibal would be heading for Kaeleer later on, but for now, he did still have some gifts to give. And a cat that would need feeding while he was away.

So, a very nice Christmas brunch it was.

[OOC: Expecting one, but open to anyone who wants to drop by. If you drop by, Hannibal will have a Christmas present for you (not people)! Standard SP warning, though.]
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Hannibal rolled down his sleeves and nodded at the table. Everything looked to be in order for his little dinner. He'd made a slight variation on steak and kidney pie, with Yorkshire puddings, horseradish potatoes, and roast winter vegetables. And, since Jono would likely be far too busy to visit on Christmas day (Winsol no doubt meant a security nightmare above what it already was), Christmas pudding, one week early. It had been sitting for around a month, which should have been long enough, anyway.

Hopefully it would be a welcome break from the excessive work Jono was no doubt putting himself through, and they would have a chance to talk and share music again.

He had no doubts of Jono showing up - he'd sent a beautifully calligraphed invitation.

[OOC: For the one mentioned, though I suppose if anyone wants to drop by beforehand, why not?]
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With as much prep done as possible the day before, Hannibal...was still up plenty early, due to both inclination and all the food still left to cook. He believed in doing everything right, and he also believed that the host should not spend their entire party in the kitchen.

So, with Sparkle's help, by early afternoon everything was done and being kept warm or cold, only the final just-before-plating flourishes left, and he was relaxing with a nice glass of mulled wine, ready for the guests.

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Hannibal had mailed most of his presents to Glacia, but not everybody he knew was there.

Other assorted presents, that got where they were going on time, really! )


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