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Hannibal had definitely figured out it was one of those days. He wasn't exactly the type to break into song about his ingredients otherwise. He was hardly going to let a little singing get in the way of a dinner party, though; he'd been planning and cooking, and after all, there was only so much singing they could do while they were actually eating.

He hoped Kanan and his friend weren't the type to sing with their mouths full, anyway.

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So, because Hannibal loved being nosy people-watching like a train wreck helping people through their traumas (and a good excuse to cook), he'd decided on a dinner party for tonight. He'd even put up signs.

And then he'd cooked. A lot.

There were crudites, assorted styles of bruschetta, several different meats (all of them non-sentient), a number of desserts, and numerous bottles of wine, beer, and liquor.

And if fewer people showed up than he hoped, it just meant some homeless shelter would eat very well.

There were also darts, billiards, and a card table downstairs, and if people wanted to start their own games, well..."Never had I Ever" would probably get Hannibal very drunk, but that was neither here nor there.

[Open post! Come and party your dead-people's trauma away!]
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Anyone who thought Hannibal wasn't going to celebrate things being back to normal by bathing, getting a manicure, dressing his best, playing the harpsichord, and then cooking just about everything in the pantry really didn't know him.

Of course, all that food needed an audience, didn't it?

So, flyers were going up all day long (courtesy of NPCs other people):

Come eat, drink, and relax while the world's not ending!
22 Phoenix Place, tonight

Because some others might want to talk or just be together and reassure themselves things were better.

And some people coped by cooking.

[Open post! No OCD. Moddable food, but tons of it, along with plenty to drink for those that need it after last week.]
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Hannibal could have gone all-out with a gourmet dinner for Sparkle's birthday. But this was Sparkle's birthday, so he'd opted for something else - his own touch on food that Sparkle would be more familiar with.

So, when Sparkle arrived for dinner, he'd find the house smelling of poutine with pork confit and foie-gras sauce, steamed fiddleheads with wild leek greens, and butter tarts with caramel sauce. There was also a very good homemade beer to go with it all.

Happy birthday, Sparkle!
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Invitations had gone out handwavily on the school and town's bulletin boards, both electronic and physical, that a belated post-pollen relaxation and last-day-of-break dinner party was being held at Hannibal's house and everybody was invited.

Of course, that meant Hannibal had had to come home and go immediately into a frenzy of cooking and preparing, but honestly - you relax your way, and he'd relax his.

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Hannibal and Jono had both sent out e-mail to everyone they knew on the island, as well as posted in the school's boards, and everybody was invited. After this weekend, some of them seemed like they would need it.

Hannibal had a very well-stocked bar and wine cellar, there were darts and billiards and a card table downstairs as well as a media room, a music room and library on the first floor, outside decks on both if you didn't mind the flamingos, and of course, food.

Pork tenderloin crostini with cranberry pepper jelly
Pumpkin carrot soup shooters with coconut cream
Prosciutto, mango, and parmesan salad
Sweet potato ravioli with lemon sage brown butter
Mini beef wellingtons
Beef tenderloin with garlic and merlot jam
Chocolate and peanut ganache tartelettes
Chocolate orange mousse, spiced fruit brioche and yoghurt sorbet
Raspberry sorbet

[Open post! Everybody invited.]
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//You know,// Jono said, thoughtfully looking over the food Hannibal had prepared (and still was preparing) for the party they were throwing today, //I think it's possible that there's something here for everyone on the island?//

Literally. Jono suspected that everybody on the island could show up, each make off with the entirety of one of the dishes, and there would still be leftovers after the party.

"I should hope so." Hannibal put the finishing touches on the last few plates he'd have to bring out to the grill. "I don't want anybody saying they left hungry from a party of mine." Or theirs. Whichever. "How is the music coming along?"

//There is definitely music,// Jono reported. //It's… leaning heavily into swing territory. First thing that came to mind when trying to come up with something that everybody could enjoy.//

"Not a bad thing," Hannibal said, smiling. "Although we might have to indulge in a bit of dancing later."

//Heaven forbid,// Jono teased, winking as he thumbed through his playlist one more time. //We'll see if we can get you away from that grill long enough to manage it, hm?//

Hannibal gave him a look of fond reproof. "I would never be so long cooking that I didn't enjoy my own party." He nodded at the food. "Once this is done, I'll only be turning things on here and there, and perhaps manning the bar."

//Well, then I suppose I ought to go put the shrimp out to coax the flamingos off the lawn,// Jono decided. //It's almost that time, anyway.//

"If you can keep them to the side," Hannibal suggested, "they'll be out of the way of anyone coming up from the front as well. Hopefully once everybody is back here, they won't be disturbing them."

How well would that work out? Only time would tell.

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As was to be expected of any party thrown (or, more accurately, carefully arranged) in Hannibal's home, everything about tonight's party seemed to be well-considered, well-balanced, and tasteful.

And as was to be expected of any party thrown in Jono's honour in a home that he spent more time in than the place he called his own, all of those well-considered, well-balanced, and tasteful fixings were a little bit on the punk rock side.

Read more... )

[OOC: Open for anyone who thinks they were invited, anyone who wants to have been invited, any crashers, what-have-you! OCD up!]

[ETA: OMG I suck. I was so tired last night, I forgot to mention - it probably goes without saying, but this was written at least half by the wonderful [ profile] furnaceface!]
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All the graduates and teachers had been handwavily because I had a brain-fart invited to dinner this evening, and Hannibal had gone all out. Which, to be fair, meant one of his usual parties.

There was an actual cloth banner stretched across the entrance to the grand salon that said CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES. There were little gift baskets of food for each of the graduates; the ones he knew had their favorites included. If Sparkle's was a little larger than the others, Hannibal would surely be forgiven.

In lieu of a formal dinner (this was a celebration for teenagers, after all), he'd gone with small-plate appetizers and hors d'oeuvres. Placed around the room (and being circulated by a few very discreet hired hands) were:


[OOC: Open post! No OCD. Graduates and teachers would've been invited (plus-ones welcome), but crashers are welcome OOC; IC Hannibal may raise an eyebrow.]
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After yesterday's target practice, Hannibal had been left with a bloody lawn and a lot of eel meat.

So, after hosing off the lawn (and putting out shrimp for the flamingos, shut up), he started cooking.

He started with bouillabaisse, added smoked eel with new potatoes, leeks, and clam beurre blanc and smoked eel and crisp pork belly confit with baby beetroot and horseradish cream for Jono, since he'd been instrumental in getting the eels (and smoking a few unintentionally), continued with dashi-simmered eel because he couldn't leave out Japanese recipes, and finished with a simply cooked and artistically presented whole roasted eel.

Accompanying them were elegantly plated portions of sautéed spinach with apples and walnuts, a beautiful presentation of roquefort dip with apple, endive, and celery Hearts, homemade bread made into crostini with roasted garlic, goat cheese, and apple chutney, elegantly displayed parsnip bacon, and taiyaki which Hannibal had taken the liberty of shaping like eel rather than the traditional fish and filled with red bean paste.

There were also a very good Riesling and a Malbec, 18-year Laphroaig, sparkling water, and plenty of excellent coffee.

The lawn was clean, the only eel around was edible, and Hannibal's door was open! (Metaphorically; it was still a bit chilly, after all.)

Everyone welcome - come and eat the things that tried to eat you!

[OOC: Open post! No OCD, just show up, mingle, eat, drink, stare at the food dubiously, or whatever! I may be a bit SP, but I couldn't not do it!]
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With as much prep done as possible the day before, Hannibal...was still up plenty early, due to both inclination and all the food still left to cook. He believed in doing everything right, and he also believed that the host should not spend their entire party in the kitchen.

So, with Sparkle's help, by early afternoon everything was done and being kept warm or cold, only the final just-before-plating flourishes left, and he was relaxing with a nice glass of mulled wine, ready for the guests.

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The arrangements had all been made, the menu was set, all the ingredients and wines had been delivered, and all that was left was to make the food.

Which meant starting the day before, because some things just had to be done right.

Were you sorry yet that you'd offered to help so that you could learn party planning, Sparkle?

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Hannibal tapped the pile of envelopes into a neat stack, ready for the post office tomorrow. Next was the menu, so that everything would be ready for the dinner.

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Yet another island oddity had come and gone, and yet again it seemed to have taken a mental and physical toll on several people Hannibal rather liked. So tonight he was cooking comfort foods and low-snobbery (but still gourmet) snacks, tea, and hot chocolate, and his bar was very well stocked.

He'd talked to the other researchers and sent messages to his friends welcoming them to join him if they wanted (except for Jono's, which had been more of a politely worded demand for his presence), but the lights in the house were on and the door was open, if anyone else felt they needed company.

Or just to sit in the corner and cry. Hannibal wouldn't judge. He might take notes, though.

There was food: )

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Hannibal had settled on an impromptu dinner party mostly out of curiosity as to what had happened to everybody else this weekend. He hadn't had much time to prepare, of course, but his "last minute meals" were anyone else's gourmet, so he wasn't too worried.

He set the food out around the room more or less buffet style, opened the bar, and set out good bottles of wine and home-brewed beer. It was a fairly educated guess that some of his guests would need it.

[OOC: If Hannibal knows you, you're invited for dinner. NM, no OCD or I'll never get this up for looking at food. Mod gourmet things and mingle!]
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This was the most crowded Hannibal could recall being in quite some time. There were several children in the master bedroom, one of whom was apparently his, her other father in another bed in his room (yes, thank you, Angela, but they were not a couple here, and you could stop looking at them like that), and Jono's friends on the pull-out couch in the living room.

On the bright side, it was a built-in audience for breakfast. So Hannibal was brewing some excellent coffee while he worked as quietly as possible at cinnamon polenta pancakes, sweet potato & pork belly hash, rosemary grapefruit, thick-cut bacon, and toast from some very good, dense bread he had.

And mimosas for the adults. He had a feeling they still might need a drink.

[OOC: open to those who stayed the night and anyone with a need to drop by!]
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It was always a bit of a juggling act to both play host and oversee an entire meal, but it was one that Hannibal enjoyed. Even if he had had to adjust the menu to account for vegetarians. He'd been preparing things for days now, and with all but the finishing touches done, he was free to leave the dishes in the care of the sous chef he'd hired for the day.

He inspected the oven one last time, nodded to the woman, and retreated to the living room with hors d'oeuvres and light music, to wait for his guests.

Grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toasts
Ricotta-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates
Crostini with sun-dried tomato jam
Mushroom polenta diamonds
Paté with pomegranate gelee
Drinks: Dry sherry, Chenin blanc, home-brewed beer, or tea.

[Open to anyone who decided to come! Dinner will be in comments later; I wanted to get this up for early-time-zone folks.]

[Oh! And NFB unless the squirrels want to show up. They weren't explicitly sent invitations, but...squirrels.]


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After his various patients and other things, Hannibal sat down in his office in Baltimore and wrote out invitations. He'd be having them professionally printed, of course, but he needed to get the layout and wording correct and make a list of people to send them to.

When he was satisfied, he gathered it up and headed to the printer.

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Invitation )

[OOC: If you think you got one, you got one! If you think you might have gotten one, you got one! If you think you didn't get one, but he might have some way of knowing through the grapevine (or school records) that you don't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving, you got one, too! If you didn't get one but want one, feel free to drop by office hours or happen upon him at school and mention you're at loose ends, and you will get one!]


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