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This weekend Hannibal was himself (so far as he was aware), male, and wearing whichever clothes he felt like. He was wondering if he should keep an extra eye out - this could have been any day in Baltimore before he'd gone to teach at Fandom. Unless you counted the fact his patient was a werewolf, but he wasn't ruling that out any other time anymore, either; it seemed safest.

Meanwhile he sat in his office waiting for Derek.

[OOC: Open to the grumpy werewolf and phone calls or e-mail, NFB for therapy!]
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After returning home and unpacking, then having a lovely dinner, a good night's sleep, and an equally good breakfast, Hanna was ready to get back to normal (for her) life. Which started with her Sunday patient.

She opened the office, set out water for Mr. Hale, and sat down to do some paperwork until he arrived.

[OOC: NFB, open for phone calls and the one who really needs therapy!]
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At least staying at the hotel and meeting in his office meant that it was a short (and pleasant, if cold) walk to work, rather than a drive in Baltimore traffic. Which was especially welcome as his morning routine took a little longer as a woman.

Hannibal chased off the squirrels with a rum bribe and a forbidding look, turned the heat up to a comfortable range, and set out water, then sat at his desk to read a bit while he waited for Derek.

[OOC: NFB because therapy!]
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On the drive to his office, some idiot nearly side-swiped Hannibal. He'd swerved to miss them before he even truly noticed them, just an odd feeling as a warning. He was grateful (and had memorized the idiot's plates), but now he was attempting to look up what might cause something like that. And making absolutely no progress, since he had no idea what to call it.

Despite that, and despite the dull taste of his coffee today, he was sitting in his office and waiting for his one patient.

[Expecting one, open to phone calls or texts, NFB because therapy!]


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